Friday, February 17, 2012

Mattése Elite from Ricky's NYC

A couple of Mattése Elite polishes provided for review by Ricky's are making a stop with me before heading off to join Lucy's Stash. They are both purple, which means a) I liked them immediately and b) my camera had trouble capturing them. (Maybe I need to do some research and find a camera just for purples; surely someone makes one. Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions, please!)

Here they are under incandescent light in my office. Fantasias is on the left; it's a royal purple, a bit more blue-toned than it's looking here. Passistas is on the right; it's a bright pink-leaning purple, but not so pink-leaning that it's fuchsia even though it might look like it in this shot. Both are from the Carnaval Collection.

I decided to use the two together, with Fantasias as the main color and Passistas as an accent. I used two coats of each and no top coat for these swatches. My lightbox helped me get the colors more true to life, though you may notice my skintone looking rather odd in some cases for the rest of these shots.

Fantasias dried to a satin finish, like I'd expect from a neon. Passistas, which looks more neon, dried pretty shiny.

I hadn't tried this brand before—I have one in my untrieds that I got in a swap but that's it as far as my stash goes for Mattése Elite. I can't comment on wear because I didn't keep them on that long, but I can say they applied nicely.

These colors retail for US$5.99 at; the bottles are what I think of as full size, .5 fl. oz./14 ml.

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider.


  1. Those are pretty and they look good together.

  2. Fantasias is gorgeous! I feel like I'm always searching for a purple neon in that shade but they are always more pink toned. Good job to the folx at Ricky's :)

  3. lovely colors, i prefer fantasias over passistas ;-D

  4. They are very pretty colours; haven't seen much of this brand around.

  5. Gorgeous colors, I like them both :)

  6. Both colors are both very pretty! I have never seen this brand before though. (:

  7. I've never heard of this brand until just recently with this collection, they are both very beautiful colors.

  8. Fantasias is really pretty! I really like the finish on it. I have some really old Mattese nail polishes that I purchased probably 6 years ago. The brushes have actually split apart! I really need to transfer them to new bottles.

    Also, I tagged you for 11 questions :)

  9. Wow... I really like Passistas! Would love to see a full manicure with that color!

  10. Nice colors, expecially Fantasias! I like polishes which dry with a satin finish. :)

  11. Are these only sold at Rickys? I have seen them around on a few blogs but never in store.

    I tagged you in a Nail Polish Tag:

    1. The only place I know of to get them is Ricky's. (Though I suppose there are probably some on eBay, but I try to avoid that route whenever possible.) Thanks for the tag!


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