Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sage Subtle Shimmers

When the subtly shimmery sage green Sew Psyched came out with Essie's Fall 2010 collection, I was psyched to discover it was pretty much a dupe for Rescue Beauty Lounge 360 Diddy Mow. (Reading back over that entry, I realize that I never did get a full size of Little Brown Dress, but I did get one of Sew Psyched—so much for my powers of prediction, even when it comes to my own behavior.) Months after Sew Psyched's introduction, I came across Sonia Kashuk Fatigued and found that was pretty close as well. Now it looks like there are two more to add to the cohort from recent line relaunches: L'Oreal Safari Chic and Revlon ColorStay Spanish Moss.

When I saw these two new sages in the store, I was pretty sure they'd be close to the three I already had at home. I suppose a sensible person would have decided that meant the new ones could stay in the store, but when it comes to nail polish, we've established I'm not that sensible. I wanted to get the new ones to make sure I wasn't missing something. In my grandiose way of justifying things, I decided getting Safari Chic and Spanish Moss was a public service. If I did the comparison, then someone who didn't have access to RBL or Essie or Sonia Kashuk but wanted the color could know whether the L'Oreal or Revlon were good substitutes. Yeah, that's it, a public service. Maybe next time I'll decide I need to prepare for a possbile global nail varnish shortage (not that I've heard one's coming, of course).

When it came time to swatch the new ones, I put each on one nail and Sew Psyched on the other two nails. All the polishes were two coaters, and pretty much interchangeable otherwise as far as I'm concerned.

Left to right above, that's Safari Chic, Sew Psyched, Spanish Moss, and Sew Psyched again.

Top to bottom above, it's Spanish Moss, Sew Psyched, and Safari Chic. There are subtle differences in the level of shimmer and the darkness of the color among these, but any of them nicely fill the subdued shimmery sage slot. I haven't decided which I'll keep when I do my destash. Right now, the Essie is the front runner of these three for me, because of the name, since I do sew (quilts, not clothes, but still).


  1. Thank you!!! That was a great public service.
    I have Essie and I just got the Revlon not too long ago. I also had my eye on the Loreal. Apparently I like this color. A lot!
    I am not buying the Loreal though, thank you for saving me that money!

  2. They're all super pretty. Thank you for the comparison in case I ever need help in choosing which to get!

  3. love the color, the different between these are really insignificant so... love them all ;-D

  4. Spanish Moss is my favourite out of three, it looks like it has more depth, maybe more shimmer? Loving it but I have a similar one by Essence. And though I love green, one is enough!

  5. lol! Thank you for your public service!

  6. Woohoo, dupes! Now I just need to decide which one I want...

  7. Thx for the public service! I'm probably good with just the Essie...and happy to know its close to 360!

  8. Thanks for the public service :-P I think I picked up sew psyched the other day its bad I can't keep track and I almost got the revlon too but put it down. I think its cute how u want to keep the Essie for the name lol I sometimes buy polish based on name not color... Such a weirdo!

  9. Love them all, they are so close but Essie is my favorite!

  10. Can I just say that I am wearing Sew Psyched on my blog today? great minds and all that crap-anywho-I beg to differ-I think RBL 230 has more blue in it than Sew Psyched-I challenge you to a dupe off-plus you really missed out by not getting Little Brown Dress-it really is a great brown!

  11. Thanks, everyone!

    mrsrexy and Fingers, oh my, I meant Diddy Mow, not 360 (edited to fix that big oops on my part--which I made even though I'd just read the original post I linked where I didn't mix up the RBLs).

    Fingers, 230 is whole 'nother thing. I don't see that I'll ever pay the asking price for 230 even as a public service.

    Simona, good eye! Spanish Moss does have a somewhat more obvious shimmer (not super shimmery, but more than the other two here). It's quite pretty; based on looks alone, I think it'd be my pick of the group.

  12. Great comparison, I love posts like these!
    I can't believe I don't own a single colour like this... hmm note to self: run down to shop and grab one now!

  13. Lovely! Yay for Sew Psyched! :D
    I wanted to answer your question about what camera I use just on case you didn't see it on my reply to your comment (I wish there was a better way to see replies without having to go back and check on it...) I use an Olympus EPL-2. Still have trouble with the pinks and reds, but gets the purples ok :)

  14. I really like Spanish Moss. Probably because SP looks terrible on me, LOL. Have you even posted any picture of your quilts? I would love to see. I've been collecting materials so I can sew a quilt for my DD. Still can't decide what to do.

    1. BluMochi,

      I haven't really posted many pics of my quilts here--I should remember to do that the next time I finish one! There are a bunch of them over at Flickr if you want to take a peek:

  15. I couldn't really tell a difference so I'm happy with one!


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