Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spoiled Glitter Comparisons

I've shown you Spoiled displays at CVS several times now; today I've got a couple of the glitters from the line to compare to similar ones from Wet 'n' Wild, which is apparently the company behind the Spoiled brand.

First up, Wet 'n' Wild Behind Closed Doors (from the elusive On the Prowl collection from last fall) versus Spoiled Ants in My Pants. Both have red glitter (small and larger hex) in a sheer black base.

These two look pretty much identical in the bottle. To try them on the nail, I layered them over Wet 'n' Wild Wild Shine Black Creme. Ants in My Pants had a thick base that made it easier to get the big hex glitter out of the bottle compared to Behind Closed Doors. I used only one coat of the Spoiled to two of the Wet 'n' Wild and the Spoiled nails still had a lot more glitter on them. This did make the Spoiled nails more bumpy, but top coat would have fixed that—I didn't use any for these swatches. (Please try not to let my cleanup issues distract you as you ponder the comparison photos.)

Top to bottom: Behind Closed Doors, Ants in My Pants, Behind Closed Doors, Ants in My Pants.

Ants in My Pants (top), Behind Closed Doors (bottom).

Second (and last) up, Wet 'n' Wild Correction Tape versus Spoiled Trust Fund Baby. Correction Tape was also from On the Prowl. These have gold and turquoise hex glitter, bright purple square glitter, and black glitter in a clear base.

I layered these over Sephora by OPI Opening Night, which I see now was a bit too dark to let the black glitter show (evidently I still have some issues with that). In this case, the Wet 'n' Wild and the Spoiled looked virtually identical on the nail (I used two coats of each). You have to look really closely to see that the Wet 'n' Wild's black glitter is square while the Spoiled's is hex.

Trust Fund Baby (top), Correction Tape (bottom).

Top to bottom: Correction Tape, Trust Fund Baby, Correction Tape, Trust Fund Baby.

From a glitter perspective, the Spoiled polishes deliver nicely. From a brush perspective, Spoiled wouldn't be my first choice; the brush is wide and floppy. For dabbing on glitter, it's okay; I'm not sure how it'll be for a creme or shimmer. I did buy one of each of those for comparison purposes, so at some point I'll be able to answer that question.


  1. Interesting to see the fairly significant difference in the first swatch comparisons; but hardly any in the second swatch comparisons (except the black glitter shape).

    Really like the end result of the Trust Fund/Correction Tape layering though...the glitter topcoat nicely compliments the base!

  2. Thanks for the comparison. I missed out on these 2 from the On the Prowl and am happy that I have the Spoiled version now :)

  3. It looks like Ants in My Pants is the same as Behind Closed Doors- only with the larger hex'es, and you are right the two last are identical (but nice) - thank you for this comparison!

  4. Thanks for the comparison! I have the NYX version of your first polish (Dorothy, I think?) but I haven't worn it yet... I should probably get on that!

  5. Ooh looks like I need to get Ants in my Pants!

  6. I think it's amazing how close Behind Closed Doors and Ants in My Pants look in the bottle, and yet the difference with the larger glitters on the nails. I'd go for the Spoiled one anytime if I had access to it. :)

  7. Not that I'm going out to buy these any time soon-but are these by the same manufacturer or just plain dupes? I don't know why I even care???? There is plainly a difference in the first set, but not the last set. Thought you had a problem with black glitter?

  8. Oh, how I wish we had CVS in this area!
    Thanks for the comparison :)

  9. Very helpful comparison! I agree with you about the brushes though, really wish they would have done a more normal brush. Oh well!! These are great for anyone who missed out on the On the Prowl collection =)

  10. Oooh I love both Correction Tape and Trust Fund Baby!

  11. nice, the spoied ones seem better, i think i might pick them up.

  12. @ Jacqui; they are the same manufacturer, both are made by Wet & Wild. As I've been buying them I've noticed that a few of the polishes are the exact same formula, but that can be good news as it gives other people opportunities to grab their lemming polishes if the other is limited edition and/or never in stock at their store.

    I swatched Ants In My Pants today and omg I'm in love!!
    Thanks for the comparison/review of "TFB", I'm regretting not picking it up after seeing your pictures!



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