Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wheel N5: Yellow and Orange Cremes

Even though it's barely springtime on the calendar, it's hot enough here today to be summer, so I decided on hot colors for Nail Wheel Wednesday.

Nail wheel

1. Sephora by OPI IM Beauty (4 coats)
2. Confetti Margarita SeƱorita (3)
3. OPI Fiercely Fiona (3)
4. Maybelline Express Finish Banana Puddin' (4)
5. Sinful Unicorn (4)
6. Milani Unique (3)
7. Essence Colour & Go Mellow Yellow (3)
8. Maybelline Express Finish Sunshine (3)
9. Barry M Lemon Ice Cream (3)
10. Milani Yellow Whiz (2)
11. Pop Beauty Sunny (3)
12. Sinfull Pull Over (4)
13. Finger Paints Catwalk Queen (2)
14. OPI OPI & Apple Pie (3)
15. LA Colors Color Craze unknown (3)
16. China Glaze Papaya Punch (3) [could have been two but I dinged the second coat so added a third]
17. Cover Girl Boundless Color Candy Corn
18. OPI In My Back Pocket (3)
19. Borghese Rapido Felice Tangerine (3)
20. Revlon Alluring Amber (2)

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 14:

15 through 20:

I'm having some time management issues this week (more so than usual, I mean) so it's quite possible I won't post again until next week. It's hard to know. In any case, don't fret if I seem to disappear; it'll only be temporary.


  1. Oooo I love seeing nail wheels! My favorite of the bunch has to be Banana Puddin', one of my fave yellows ever!

  2. A looot of nice colors, and I'll miss you - but look forward to "seeing" you back on the blog again!

  3. omg, you own OPI & ApplePie?? ;-)

    I love your nail wheel wednesdays. Today's really put me in a good mood! I love looking at yellows and oranges. :)

  4. I'm with Jacqui...Banana Buddin' is my fave of the bunch!

  5. i dont know whats wrong with me. I need more yellows in my life. :)

  6. Love these hot colors :) Can't wait for the weather to warm up.

  7. OMG, all of those yellows, Banana Puddin' and Unicorn especially! I will be so happy when I get back to the states just for the nail polish.

  8. omg!
    so good...!

  9. Good job!

    #15 might be LA Colors Color Craze 'Shock' BCC 567. I think of it as the Winnie the Pooh color.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I might have to take my mini to Dollar Tree to compare. :)

  10. After seeing all these pretty yellows, I'm really glad yellow looks hideous on me. I can admire them from afar.

  11. I think I only have 2 yellow colours :) Nice swatches. Have a good weekend.

  12. I love looking at your color wheels!

    I tagged you for a 'you don't know jack' game:

  13. so many yellows, love it! papaya punch is my fav orange.


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