Friday, July 20, 2012

Late-mid-July Displays

The drugstores in my area have been a display-rich environment this month so I didn't want to wait too much longer to share the photos. But before we get to those, I want wish reader Annastacia a happy 24th birthday! Hope you're having a fun celebration, Annastacia, and that the coming year brings many pretty polishes to your stash! Perhaps you and Melissa will get some shopping ideas from this post.

In the department of old news, there's crack. You all know I love me some crack polish, but even I am starting to lose my enthusiasm for buying more. I definitely didn't buy anything from the Color Club Neon Fractured display at Rite Aid; I'd already seen these at Meijer a earlier this year in different display. Colors here, left to right: Take a Crack At It, Burst Things First, Living on the Edge, The Big Bang, Shock Rock, and Bomb-blast-ic.

CVS, which has otherwise been letting me down recently on the new display front, had something I hadn't seen before: Wet 'n' Wild Crackle Craze All Broken Up. I have spotted this in a few different stores, and every time there's been at least a whole row of empty spaces and no pink polish like shown in the photo on the display. I don't know if that's because that color didn't make the transition from this collection being a WalMart exclusive earlier this year or if the display photo has been color uncorrected and that's supposed to be the red one. The six colors shown here, and the only ones I've seen, are (left to right): It's Not You It's Me, We'll Definitely Stay Friends, Plenty of Fish in the Sea, Free Free at Last, We Need to Talk, You're Too Good for Him.

Walgreens had new colors of Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat. I think these are going to replace the colors that have been clearanced out, as I saw them in the core display at one store. Four shades here: Wave Break, Coral Collide, Sage Smash, and Star Burst. The first three are shimmers, while the last one has scattered glitter in it.

The magnetic trends continues, too. I saw the LA Girl Magnetic display at Rite Aid; the only time I'd seen this before was at a crazy-in-a-good-way wig store a friend of mine took me to in Indianapolis. The fun thing about these is that every color has a different magnet design, though three of them are parallel straight lines and the only difference is the orientation. Left to right: Magnetic Force (sideways v's), Magnetized (concentric circles), Attract (stacked v's), Magentic Field (star), Repel (diagonal lines), Positive Charge (wavy lines), Electro Static (horizontal lines), Polar Opposite (vertical lines). The end two are switched in this particular display compared to the colors printed on it. The dark grey, Magnetic Force, is in the slot for Polar Opposite, and vice versa; I didn't notice that until I was writing this up just now. I also didn't notice that the model has an unmagnetized accent nail; that's a nice touch.

Wet 'n' Wild finally has magnetics, too; my Rite Aid just got them this week. There are eight colors: No-Gas Electrically Charged (charcoal), Don't Break the Circuit (deep blue), A Force to Be Reckoned With (light purple), I Won't Repel You (copper), Igniting the Spark (deep purple), Can't Resist Your Magnetism (dark red), Drawn Together By Force (deep green), Bad for Credit Cards (silver).

I was very intrigued by the pops of color I saw when I picked up the blue one; I'm hoping that translates onto the nail.

The Wet 'n' Wild display has directions printed on it. I noticed they recommend letting the first coat dry, which I don't usually do. The quotes around attractive in the last step made me chuckle; I'm sure they meant them to attract attention to their pun (magnets, attraction—get it?) but to me they read like air quotes, meaning the design was not really attractive at all.

Is neon a trend? Or just seasonal? Regardless, Rite Aid had Color Club Poptastic. Left to right: Jackie Oh, Feelin' Groovy, Mrs. Robinson, Yell-oh, Koo-koo Cachoo, and Chelsea Girl.

At first glance, these Hedy polishes looked neon to me, but they're actually glow in the dark. Five colors: Moon Juice, Electrify, Milky Way, Meteor, Shooting Star.

Sally Hansen has some summer brights out, too: limited edition colors of Xtreme Wear. I saw this display at Walgreens. Ten colors here: Pop of Pink, For Sher-bert, Sunny Side, Pretty in Hot Pink, Raspberry Rave, Red Rebel, Vibrant Violet, Blinding Blue, Pink Punch, B-right On.

The same colors showed up at Target in one of their typical end cap displays.

Sally Hansen also has some new limited edition Insta Dri shades that I've only seen at Walgreens so far. Left to right: Purple Haste, Berry Fast, Fuchsia Flash, Orange Splash, Acceler-Grape, Indi-go Blue, Freeze, In a Flurry.

Look at In a Flurry; I am definitely getting this one, I just couldn't bring myself to do it at full price (Walgreens doesn't have a frequent buyer card like Rite Aid and CVS do, so I couldn't even justify it buy saying I'd be earning points or bucks or anything.) Given that there are three purples and two blues in addition to that deep deep green, I bet I'll end up with many of these colors once they're on a BOGO50% sale.

Another display I'll probably grab several from once I see a sale is L'Oreal London Fall, which I've seen at both Walgreens and Rite Aid. Left to right: Teal and Crumpets, The Perfect Trench, Hyde Park, Rainy Piccadilly, Notting Hill Blues, Brit Invasion.

At Rite Aid, the NYC New York Color has a rainbow of limited edition Expert Last colors in the Color Rush display. Polishes in front: So Clear, Silver Glitz, Flashlight. In back: White Mania, Midnight Lilac, Pure Orchid, Timeless Peony, Flash of Pink, Rush Hour Red, Traffic Jam Orange, Downtown Traffic, Blue Rush, Mint Breeze, Green Means Go.

The NYC New York Color Summer in the City display has been harder to find; I've only seen this one, jammed into the bottom shelf of an endcap at Meijer. It's got two limited edition polish colors in the In a New York Color Minute line: Peach Sparkle and Golden Glam.

Wet 'n' Wild and Fergie (the singer, not the Duchess of York) have gotten together an released a new line of nail polish. This has been frustratingly difficult for me to track down, and I've yet to see the full collection display even though I made an effort to hit up some Walgreens outside of my normal hunting grounds. What I have seen several times is the smaller display, which is 3/5 the size of the big one that I've glimpsed in photos around the web. Top row: Hollywood Walk of Fame (twice, which makes me wonder what I missed), Fergalicious, Glowstick, Miami Spirit. Middle: Grammy Gold, Going Platinum, Heels of Steel, Rock 'n' Roll, Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night. Bottom: Dutchess, No Place Like Home, Take the Stage, Glamorous, New Year's Kiss.

At one store, they didn't have the display out at all, but had piled the polishes into a basket that was sitting on the bottom of an endcap:

It has not been very hard to find new Sinful Colors displays, of which there are several. As usual, most of the polishes in them are not new; it's always a puzzle to figure out which colors I've seen before and which I haven't. Glitter Glam, which I spotted at Rite Aid, is all old colors, and in fact the lineup is the same as the Dare to Play display that was out at the beginning of summer. No me gusta, Sinful. Left to right: Pink Forever, Hottie, Nail Junkie, Boom Boom, Frenzy, Why Not, I Miss You, Rise and Shine.

I've seen Sinful Colors Study in Style at four different Walgreens (thanks to the Fergie hunt) and not all have had the same lineup of polishes. Since the displays themselves aren't labeled, the stores can and do refill them with whatever, and it's sometimes hard to tell what's supposed to be there and what's not. I'm pretty sure the one below has the Sinful-approved assortment, since it's the one I've seen the most often. Left to right: Leap Flog (yep, flog), Winterberry, Fig, Ocean Side, Ruby Ruby, Forget Now, Cream Pink, Pull Over. Leap Flog is new; the others are repromotes or core, though a couple haven't been in stores for a while so that part's good.

Start a Phenomenon is a different shape display than I've seen from Sinful before; the base has a nice curve and there are two levels. Colors here: Rain Storm, Cross My Heart, Slate, Exotic Green, Savage, Ciao Bella, Matte Nirvana, Fig, Cream Pink. Rain Storm is new; the others are repromotes and core, but I'm not sure about Matte Nirvana—I don't remember this being labeled matte the last time I saw it.

The same Walgreens that I saw Start a Phenomenon at also had the biggest display of Sinful Colors I've ever seen. It's called Passion for Color and has room for six or seven times the number of bottles the usual ones have. Near as I could tell, there's one new color in here, called Lavender (on the right on the top middle section), though if I'd seen this one first, I would have said three new colors, as Rain Storm and Leap Flog are in here, too, along with more core and repromotes. The shades in here: Cream Pink, Thimbleberry, Sugar Sugar, Gogo Girl, Cross My Heart, Fig, Boom Boom, Energetic Red, Ruby Ruby, Rain Storm, Ciao Bella, Savage, Lavender, Envy, Last Chance, Exotic Green, Kissy, Georgio, Under 18, Matte Nirvana, Rich in Heart, Nail Junkie, Casablanca, Winterberry, Slate.

Unlike Sinful, Revlon is nice enough to let me know right on the display that these Top Speed colors are new shades. (Where these will fit in the core display I'm not sure; I don't remember a bunch being clearanced, but admit I haven't been paying much attention to Revlon core recently.) Left to right: VIP, After Party, Dress Code, Invitation Only, Socialite, Diva, Guest List, Infamous.

Revlon also released another variation of their two-ended Nail Art bottles which I'm still not sold on. This time it's combinations of dark cremes and mylar flakies, called Moon Candy. Left to right: Cosmic, Supernova, Milky Way, Moon Dust, Orbit, Universe, Satellite, Galactic.

Speaking of bottles I'm not fond of, Nicole by OPI had some colors I hadn't seen before in a Target endcap display, mixed in with shades that did look familiar. Left to right: Pink-nic in the Park, Great Minds Pink Alike, I Love You Cherry Much, Just Busta Mauve, Iris My Case, Mer-Maid for Each Other, For Gold Times Sake, Look at Me Look at Me, You're S-teal the One, Nicole's Nickel. The ones from Just Busta Mauve to For Gold Times sake were news to me.

Essie bottles I like, both retail and salon versions. Walgreens seems to get the retail versions before Ulta gets the salon ones, so Walgreens is where I got my first look at the new blue Luxeffects glitter, Stroke of Brillance; it's the blue one second from left below. The display also has existing Luxeffects shades As Gold as it Gets, A Cut Above, and Set in Stones.

Walgreens also had an Essie display called Yogaga. I'm not sure what season this is for—early fall maybe? I expect when Ulta gets it there will be six colors; right now I've only seen these four: Marathin, Boxer Shorts, Pilates Hottie, and Yogaga.

And to reward those of you who made it this far, here's the LOLdisplay of the month, seen at a store which evidently brought all the leftover Essie out of the storeroom at once. It was all I could to do to just snap a photo and walk away; I really, really wanted to sort these out by collection and commandeer nearby shelf space to display them in a more logical manner.

Happy shopping!


  1. Pointless Cafe did a comparison of the old Nirvana and the "new" Matte Nirvana and the new matte version isn't matte at all and it dries to a slightly different shade than the original.

    As for the crazy Essie display, I'm right there with ya in wanting to fix those things. Don't they know that they're mixing collections!? lol

  2. If you have the Walgreens Prescription Savings Card ($25.00 per year), apparently if they scan the card at the regular checkout counter and you've purchased "Walgreens Brand, W Brand, Nice! products and in-store photofinishing services" you get a !0% bonus that is applied "The next time you scan your card at checkout, your bonus balance will be deducted from your purchase total." which in theory would include anything you bought, polish included. Something to think about if you go there enough.

  3. Thank you so much for keeping these posts coming!
    I nearly swooned over the bottom row of Fergie's Wet N Wild polishes. Wow!
    I'd probably also have bought a couple of the new Sally Hansen Insta-Dry polishes. :)

  4. Flurry looks like it has potential! I haven't heard of those Nicole shades either...hmm.

  5. THANK YOU!!! I saw a few new displays today but I LOVE your display posts. I saw that Yogaga Essie display at Walgreens this morning with the 6 colors. I can't for the life of me remember what the missing two look like. I think one is a darker red toned brown like color that reminded me of one of the purse polishes. I picked it up and looked at it but can't remember now that I am trying to think about it. I want to say the other was a darker gray type color but I can't remember. I have been stalking Target for those new Nicoles, I need to see them in person.

  6. Glad there are some new X-treme wear shades out! I love those!

  7. Fun! I need to find some of those LE Sally Hansens... and that Essie display at the end cracks me up. I hate displays like that; I'm too OCD to deal.

  8. Lolling at the last essie display ; D
    awesome post as always Karen : )

  9. I love these display posts!

    Did you see the pamphlet on the Sinful Colors display? I'm unsure if they got permission or not, but there's been rumblings that the photos inside are blogger photos- and they aren't of Sinful Colors. Unsure if that's true though!

    The Target NOPI ones are new, and unique to Target for Fall. I actually own all of them- very pretty (I'm doing the second blog post about them tomorrow, the first I did like last week)... but honestly, not as exciting on the nail as in the bottle. The duochrome effect you can see on all of them just doesn't translate as well to the nail.

  10. OMG one of my Ultas always has an lolessie display... drives me nuts!! can't wait to see that blue wnw magnet polish. <3 these posts

  11. Yay! This is my favorite post! I think Im tired of crackle polish too but I really like Color Club and I dont think Ive seen any in neon. Maybe you can get one bottle to try? I dont have a Rite-Aid by me. I thought neon was for summer too but I think maybe I would wear it year round just because I like really bright colors!
    Why is the wet n wild Fergie $3.50? Just because its Fergie?
    I may need to go andget some of these!
    Thanks for all your hard work!!

  12. I always love your display posts! It's like going nail polish shopping, without the bother of having to drive to a store or the temptation to spend more money LOL. :D

    ~ Yun

  13. I love the new crack nails!!

  14. Love these posts! I'm definitely checking out the new Insta-Dris whenever they show up around these parts. That blue WnW one looks amazing, too!

  15. Unfortunately the expensive KarenD display photo filter is not working properly - I clearly see several of the photos - including the neons...
    I suppose it's seasonal, but a trend that I love...

  16. I made it to the end :-) Sometimes when checking an Essence display if I see a polish placed in the wrong row I really need to place it correctly :D but I did the same with CDs or books in the past.
    BTW more crackle??? =_= I'd say "attractive" finish.

  17. I'm definetly over cracks as well!! I don't know how long they are going to try and sell "new shades" of it!!

  18. I didn't know Rite Aid sold Color Club! That's good to know..although I don't exactly know where my nearest Rite Aid is. I'll have to do some searching! Laughing out loud at the "attractive" design.

  19. oh i need to find the NYC display!

  20. Scrangie just searched a few of those new Sally Hansen Insta-Dri's and In a Flurry is gorgeous!!

  21. I never got into the crackle fad, not during the first appearance years ago and now more recently. The look just doesn't appeal to me. I was highly tempted to buy L'oreal's Tea and Crumpets just for name though!

  22. omg, just seeing all those displays on the pictures makes me droll... i would probably faint to see it live ;-D

  23. I would like to have some of those Sinful Colors.
    They don't sell them over here

  24. OMG I wish we had a Rite Aid!! *cries* I want to try those Hedy glows SO badly! I did get the purple glitter crackle from Wet n Wild and was unimpressed. The glitter's not thick enough to tell it's a crackle. :/ I am excited to find the WnW magnetics, though! :D Hope someone here stocks them...

  25. I love those Wet'n'Wild glow-in-the-dark polishes! I need to find them!! ^.^

  26. I'll have to watch out for these new colours...but I'll never remember what I have, what I don't, what's a repromote, etc....

  27. So many beauties... <3

  28. Great post :) I always find display posts very helpful!


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