Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Zoya Designer and Diva Collections

As I mentioned when I shared Zoya Gloss yesterday, the brand has three collections out for this fall. Today, I've got the two bigger ones, Designer and Diva.

The Designer collection consists of six cremes (left to right below): Rekha, Toni, Monica, Natty, Evvie, and Noot.

The Diva collection is six shimmers: Elisa, Suri, Song, Ray, FeiFei, and Daul.

The day I swatched these, I didn't have the attention span to make separate swatches of all twelve colors on their own, so I paired some of them up. I think you'll still be able to get a good idea of how the shades look despite my laziness. One definite drawback to this approach is I still haven't figured out a good way to hold two bottles at once for photos.

This is Elisa, the red shimmer, with an accent of Rekha, the red creme. Both were two coats.

Here's a direct light shot to show off the glow in Elisa:

Evvie and Noot are both greyish teal cremes; Noot is the darker complected of the pair. Left to right below: Evvie, Noot, Evvie, Noot (two coats of each).

In somewhat lower light, Evvie and Noot don't look that different from each other.

Next up, FeiFei with a Natty accent, also known as Karen's favorite couple. Feifei is a dusty blue packed with mostly metallic shimmer, while Natty is a greyed blue creme that coordinates quite nicely. FeiFei is like Zoya Crystal's sophisticated older sister.

Both of these were two coats, like the rest of the colors in these collections. I couldn't resist taking Feifei outside—look at the multi-colored sparkles:

Seriously, are you seeing the sparkles?

Toni and Monica are the purple cremes from the Designer collection. Toni is a touch lighter and a lot more red-toned than Monica.

Suri is a cool-tone purple shimmer.

In the sun, the shimmer in Suri pops pink and blue.

Ray is a dark green shimmer. You may notice bubbling in this swatch; I blame that not on Ray but on it being about four thousand degrees the day I was playing with these (I was painting my nails outside so as not to distress Mr. Karen with fumes—he objects to nail polish and remover smells, and it's not a battle I choose to fight at this point).

The sun did not seem to agree with Ray; it mostly just highlighted the brushstrokes.

Song is a royal blue shimmer. This one is very pigmented; I think I could have gotten away with one coat if I'd wanted to (yet it did not stain my skin when I took it off). The shimmer in this is very pretty, even in regular room like you can see the silvery blue sparkle.

In the sun, Song looks almost foil-like.

Finally, we come to what I thought would be my favorite based on the bottles: Daul, a purple with lots of mostly gold shimmer. This is similar to Zoya Faye, but not as red-toned. On the nail, the gold dominated too much for my taste; it didn't seem integrated with the base color nearly as well as in FeiFei. Still, it is pretty.

I liked Daul better in the sun; the gold was still prominent, no doubt, but there were some pink and purple sparkles to distract me from that.

I think FeiFei is a must have if you like blue even a little bit. Song is my runner up for favorite of these dozen shades. Maybe I'm not as much of a purple girl as I thought.

All of these are available now on the Zoya site. If you haven't already joined their Share the Love program, you might as well, since you can get points to use for free shipping and other discounts. (The preceding link to the fall collection page is not a Share the Love referral link for me, but this one is, if you're so inclined.)

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider.


  1. Song is stunning. And I have to have Natty lol. Thanks for the great swatches!

  2. I love all the polishes in the Diva collection! So shimmery and sparkly! :-)

    ~ Yun

  3. I need Zoya to do a promo for these!! lol I am loving way too many of the polishes coming out lately

  4. I love the shimmers, they are really pretty!

  5. Love Feifei and Daul. The cremes don't impress me that much though.

  6. I love all these new Zoyas, they're so gorgeous!

  7. Beautiful swatches! I'm loving Feifei and Suri!

  8. I so want Daul! I'm usually not a Zoya fan but omgggg! Great swatches:)

  9. Suri and Song can come and live with me any day, I'm sure they hate it at your place muahhhaaa ;)
    Gorgeous swatches, thanks for sharing!

  10. Thank you so much for these swatches. :) Definitely helped narrow down which ones I want! :D

  11. Lovely! Now to decide which are must haves!

  12. Thanks for sharing! A couple of these are calling my name!

  13. Love Fei Fei...the rest meh. Great post!

  14. I like Song the most. Daul reminds me Orly OUI :)

  15. Even though I hate the name, I like Suri the best. But I'm not buying any of these. I'm waiting for the spring holos! So if it were blizzarding would you still be polishing outside? Maybe you need a polish room with fans? I would hate to think of you outside in 4000 degree heat! Hahahaha

  16. I like the third picture (counting from the end) :)

    -new post at my blog ;)

  17. Ok that's it! I need FeiFei!

  18. FeiFei is my fav polish in this collection (and Song would be, if I were more a "blue girl")...Maybe it's just that I'm struggling to lower my untrieds pile, but other colors didn't excite me so much.


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