Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wet 'n' Wild Magnetic Don't Break the Circuit

Sorry about the lack of a Nail Wheel Wednesday post yesterday. The wheel I'd prepared had some Sinfuls on it, which I didn't feel comfortable posting while the situation with their photo theft was unresolved, and I ran out of time to get another set of photos ready to go. Speaking of that Sinful situation, I updated yesterday's post with the latest developments I've heard about. Moving on to today's post now...

Because the Wet 'n' Wild Magnetics weren't on sale when I found them, I didn't scoop up one of every color as I'm often tempted to do when faced with a new display. I did get the blue one, Don't Break the Circuit, because it showed some interesting pops of color in the bottle.

The directions recommend two coats, but this is opaque enough that I only used one coat on my index and middle fingers and it worked fine.

The colors I saw in the bottle weren't as evident on the nail, though I could see some sparks in there.

The magnet is attached to the overcap, which slides off the bottle pretty easily, no fighting necessary.

The magnet is a good size; here it is next to my index finger for comparison purposes, and as I've mentioned, I don't have especially small hands.

One drawback to the bottle is the square undercap; when I tightened mine up, it was at angles to the bottle, which meant when I put the overcap back on, I ended up with this situation:

There is no lip on the magnet so it was a bit difficult to position consistently. It was plenty strong, though, as long as I got my nail close enough to it.

All in all, I'm happy with this one and will buy more colors if I see them on sale.


  1. This color looks gorgeous, and I can definitely see some awesome sparkles in it :) I hope they are visible IRL too ^^ The thing with the cap is funny, quite some "cheap" brands end up with this problem, which makes me think that it must be expensive to solve, hee hee :p

  2. Ohhhh that is pretty! I like it. I am glad to see these magnetics working well. I might have to go back and look at this display again. I also hate when the caps don't line up right. It makes me wonder because they were on there right originally.

  3. looks pretty, very nice shade!

  4. I think I am going to pass on these.

  5. This is pretty and I have yet to try magnetic polishes!

  6. It's a really beautiful blue, looks good on you!

  7. *GASP* I can't wait to find these!! I go to a couple of stores that stock WnW, but they're pretty slow and sporadic at ordering specialty polishes like this. :/

  8. I like it! I didn't know Wet n Wild put out magnetic polishes, so I'm excited to find these!

  9. This is a stunning blue magnetic! I really like it :)

    1. Oh and I know what you mean about Sinful Colors...It's part of my giveaway right now and I don't feel proud about giving them...

  10. very pretty! i'll have to check these out! :D

  11. Wow, good to know that these magnetic ones are good! Love that blue!

  12. Oh I hate when the cap no longer lines up with the bottle!!


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