Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wheel Z3: Orange Shimmers

Yes, it's Nail Wheel Wednesday once again. This time around it's orange's turn. But first, I want to apologize for the intrusive new watermark I've put on these photos. There's a person who's been stealing entire posts from my blog, including the photos, and putting them on her blog. If she steals this one too, at least I'll have gotten my message onto her site through this new watermark (or caused her a lot of work removing it, though she hasn't removed any of the other watermarks, so I don't think she'll bother). I have reported the infringing posts to Google (it's a blogspot blog) and been in contact with other bloggers she's also stolen from who've done the same, but who knows when/if they'll pull the offending site down. Why some people are so ill behaved, I do not know. What I do know is that some people are thoughtful and nice, like osirisandloki, who brought the stolen posts to my attention.

1. Color Club Tangerine Scream (3 coats)
2. Studio M Lovin' It (3) [I like the Studio M Color Club rebottles better when they don't change the names because then I don't have to spend time guessing]
3. Nina Ultra Pro Say Cheese (3)
4. Maybelline Colorama Tangerine Tips (2)
5. OPI Ecuadorable Coral (2)
6. Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine Bright (2) [I've mentioned before and I'll mention again—I miss this line]
7. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Crushed (2)
8. Revlon Orange Pop (2)
9. OPI Don't Socratease Me (2)
10. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear unknown (2) [might be Crushed, but different batch]
11. Rimmel Play Fast Out of Control (3) [I miss this line, too]
12. Revlon Watermelon Fizz (3)
13. CHI Drama Queen (3)
14. China Glaze Tequila Toes (3)
15. Maybelline Colorama Berry Spritzer (3)
16. Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine Radiant (2)
17. Studio M Flair (2)
18. Milani Flash Light (3)
19. Wet 'n' Wild FastDry 9021Orange (3)
20. Milani Melt With U (2)

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:


  1. I love #3! These are all so pretty, though! I'm sorry you're having issues with people stealing your pictures and posts. I hope it gets worked out soon!

  2. Wow, Karen. I am 100% supportive to your claims; it has apparently also happened to Chelsea, from The Nail Network... I wonder if it is the same person, in which case I hope/demand that her site is directly shut down!

  3. That's a great and discrete watermark, how terribly rude to steal - let alone entire posts, that does not happen by accident...
    Lovely shades, I love those shimmers and flecks...

  4. Not my favourite shade, I admit, but some of them are really pretty.
    About watermarks you had to use...What's the point in stealing pics and text from another blog? I really cannot understand this people. I hope Blogspot shuts that blog down.

  5. I hope that person stops taking your photos and posts! Not cool at all. I hope that blog is taken down...
    On a happier note, these polishes are gorgeous! I fell in love with 1 and 3!

  6. Loving all of these pretty orange swatches. I can't believe some people stealing like that. Did you e-mail that person or post on her blog. Shame on her!

  7. That is super lame that someone has been taking your photos! Bad blog karma will get her! On a brighter (hah!) note-- lovely oranges! Really digging how in-yo-face that Nina Pro polish is!

  8. So many pretties here...and I'm with Lindsey, that Nina Pro is fab!

  9. Number 11 has a matching lip gloss that I was obsessed over but can't find anymore must have went when the line went!


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