Saturday, March 16, 2013

Birthday Week Giveaway

I'm kicking off my birthday week celebration today, and since I have so much stuff already (and Mr. Karen will be giving me more if he knows what's good for him, and I'm confident he does), it makes sense for me to give some things away to mark the occasion. For prizes, I went through my various boxes and pulled out some polishes that look like spring to me. Winter is still hanging around in my corner of the world—it snowed overnight and the roads were a mess this mroning—but I know spring is coming. It's probably my favorite season, when the air gets soft and warm and the colors come back to life. (I say probably, because autumn charms me, too.)

I ended up with 51 polishes grouped into 14 prizes. Some of these have been hanging around my house for a while; some are still are in stores. All are unused, though some bottles appear to have some evaporation or settling.

Prize 1: Wet 'n' Wild Megalast Bloom Collection

A set of six pastel cremes: Cherry Blossom, Sunburst, Collecting Pollen, Garden Hose, Bird Bath, and Laughing Lilac.

Prize 2: Borghese Torta Dolce Minis

Set of four shimmery pastels. These can be worn on their own for a sheer wash of color or layered; they surprised me with how vibrant they were when I tried them over black.

Prize 3: Wet 'n' Wild ColorIcon Be Jeweled Collection

Five pastel multi glitters: Born Into Privilege, Bow in My Presence, Speak When Spoken To, The Crown is Mine, and Jewels for Your Highness. (I don't think they're in that order in the photo. I can never remember which is which and the names are no help.)

Prize 4: Finger Paints Gumdrops & Lollipops Collection

set of 6: Pop Rock Pink, Circus Peanuts, Lemon Sour, Choco Mint, Blue Raspberry Taffy, and Grape Gumball. The first five are cremes; the purple is a shimmer.

Prize 5: Roses from Claire's

Five pastel shimmers in flower-shaped bottles: silver, white, light blue, pale plum, and pink.

Prize 6: Layla Hologram Effect Duo

Two holographic beauties from Layla: Retro Pink and Ultra Violet.

Prize 7: Nicole by OPI Selena Sampler

Three polishes from the Selena Gomez collection: Selena, Scarlett, and Naturally.

Prize 8: Forever 21 Flowers

Four glittery polishes in flower bud shaped botles with pink petal caps: turquoise, light green, gold, and coral pink.

Prize 9: Sinful Colors Cool Pastels

Three cool colors from the recent Sugar Rush display: Sweet Tooth, Sugar Rush, and Candy Coated.

Prize 10: Sally Hansen Elegant Pastels

Three Complete Salon Manicure cremes: Delphinium, Barracuda, and Eel SKin.

Prize 11: Sally Hansen Tropical Brights

Three completely different Complete Salon Manicure cremes than the trio above: Parrot, Temptation, and The Sky's the Limit.

Prize 12: Studio M Spring Fling

Two glitters (one of them shredded), a creme, and shimmer to mix and match: Hydrangea Kiss, Covered in Diamonds, Spring Fling, and Punked.

Prize 13: Karen's Spring Favorites

Essie Bikini So Teeney and L'Oreal Silver Sparkle. I loved these two so much last spring, and seeing them again now I still do.

Prize 14: Christian Dior Waterlily

Because mint green polish is practically a neutral at this point.

To enter, fill out the form below (I tried to set this up with Rafflecopter, but I couldn't figure out how to do the prize selection so went back to my friend Google; I'm trying a new option this time that lets you edit your response). International entries are welcome. This contest will close no earlier than noon Eastern U.S. time on March 23, 2013 (possibly later depending on how busy I get).


UPDATE 23-Mar-2013: I'm no longer accepting entries and will be verifying them and picking winners as soon as I'm able to get that organized.


  1. Happy early Birthday and thanks for sharing the goodies!

  2. Fantastic give-away. Have a wonderful birthday, Karen!

  3. Thank you so much for the chance to win! Happy birthday to youuuuu : D

  4. Happy pre-Birthday! Thank you for this awesome giveaway :D

  5. May your birthday be paved with nail polish - and I wish you a really happy birthday!
    It's a completely awesome giveaway!
    By the way, Rafflecopter also lets you edit the reply...

    1. But will Rafflecopter let me have check boxes? I couldn't see a way to do that.

  6. Happy Birthday - - thanks for taking us 'shopping' and showing all the things that are available in stores at the moment!!!!!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday! Definitely looks like a party. ;)

  8. Happy Birthday!!! May all your wishes - and nail polish wishlists? :-) - come true... Huge thanks for this fantastic giveaway! xx

  9. Happy Birthday to you!! Also many thanks for the wonderful giveaway! =D

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  11. On the exact day...Happy Birthday Karen!!!

  12. I hope you have a beautiful birthday!

  13. happy birthday to you! hope you get a big cupcake and a box full of polish on your special day. :)

  14. Happy birthday! Thank you for such a generous giveaway! I'm new to your blog, but I will be sticking around. :)

  15. Thanks so much for the giveaway! Happy Bday!! <3 xoxo

  16. Happy Happy Birthday! Glad to see someone else LOVES nail polish as much as I do ;)

  17. Thank you for the giveaway! Congrats!

  18. Couldn't comment before, bit late now but Happy B-Day!


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