Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wheel S4: Grey Shimmers

1. OPI It's Totally Fort Worth It (3 coats) [lovely pops of pink in the shimmer]
2. Layla Ceramic Effect 16 Grey Power (2)
3. OPI Sheer Your Toys (3) [the copper flecks in this always make me look twice]
4. Chinoiserie Baroque (3) [the only one from this brand in my stash, and the brushstrokes aren't inspiring me to seek out more]
5. Pop Beauty Foggy (2)
6. Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud (3) [I stalked this one so hard, and seeing the detail shot reminds me why—love that golden shimmer against the grey]
7. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Rich Frost (5) [I sure hope this wasn't so thin when it was new because 5 coats? not worth it even though the end result is attractive]
8. Orly Moon Shadow (3) [I wish they'd never gone away from this bottle style, though I do appreciate the rubberized handle on the more recent ones]
9. Studio M Ms. Hautie (2)
10. Color Club Ms. Hautie (2) [yep, same as the Studio M; both need topcoat]
11. Models Own Dusty Mauve (2) [so very dusty that I'm not really seeing the mauve]
12. Wet 'n' Wild Craze Gray's Anatomy (3)
13. Revlon Streetwear Foil Chrome (2) [not quite foil finish in my mind, or all that different than #14, which doesn't have the "foil" on the label]
14. Revlon Streetwear Gunmetal (2)
15. s-he 466 (2)
16. OPI Brand New Skates (3) [gorgeous!]
17. Essie Fair Game (2)
18. Barielle Snow Day (3) [very blue toned grey, could probably go on a blue wheel instead]
19. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Gunmetal (2)
20. Sally Hansen Salon Stormy Blue (2) [more stormy than blue]

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

15 through 20:

If I were seriously destashing, I think these could go for sure: 4 Chinoiserie Baroque, 10 Color Club Ms. Hautie, 11 & 12 the two Streetwears. Getting rid of four out of twenty—that's not very serious is it? No wonder I have such a big collection.


  1. Pretty! *dies* That Sally Hansen Rich Frost looks kinda green. Still pretty! :D

    1. Lizzy, you're right, it does have a green cast to it. Maybe it was more green when it was new ... I got it when all those old SH were showing up at Dollar Tree.

  2. Look at that golden shimmer in #16. How beautiful is that?

  3. Dang, I need Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud!

  4. Ooh! You had me at grey shimmer! Love that Layla!

  5. I'm sure you'd get rid of 4 to make room for 24!

  6. there are a lot of pretty ones

  7. Grey is not my color - but I love it on others - there are many beauties and a few dupes :)

  8. Grey is a color I don't wear too much. I think I only have one bottle if that :)


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