Friday, March 15, 2013

More Spring Displays

I know it's only been a week since my last display post but my photo folders are once again at critical mass so I need to deal with them before it gets too overwhelming.

Essie's spring 2013 offering has six shades, though some stores have smaller displays with only four of the colors. Left to right in the big display: Hip-anema, Madison Ave-hue, Bond With Whomever, Avenue Maintain, Maximillian Strass-her, and Go Ginza. I've seen these at Walgreens and Rite Aid. I assume Ulta will get the collection at some point but last I was there, they didn't have it out.

There's another Essie display kicking around that's labeled "new shades", by which they mean "shades we're bringing back from previous collections". I've seen versions of this at Walgreens and Rite Aid and Meijer. Shades here (and the collection they first appeared in) are: Mint Candy Apple (Winter 2009), Stylenomics (Fall 2012), Butler Please (Winter 2012), No More Film (Resort 2012), Carry On (Fall 2011), and Lady Like (Fall 2011).

As if that weren't enough Essie, Rite Aid also had a "Best Of" display with Power Clutch (Fall 2011), Bobbing for Baubles (Winter 2011), Fair Game (Resort 2011), Beyond Cozy (Winter 2012), Miss Fancy Pants (Fall 2012), and Size Matters (Winter 2011). I think this is not so much a "best of" collection but rather a "leftovers" grouping. If I were in charge of putting together an Essie best of collection, it would have things like Pink Parka and Starry Starry Nights and Greenport and Ruby Slippers and Dominica Green.

I thought we'd already seen the spring 2013 L'Oreal Collection (the one with six brights and three metallics as shared in my mid-January display post), but recently spotted another limited edition collection from them that definitely looks like spring. It's called Versailles Romance and has six pastel polishes: The Palace Life, Creme Puffs, Royally Yours, Pistachio Dream, Macaroon Me Madly, and Lacey Lilac. There are also three designs of nail stickers: Chateau You Go, Ladies in Waiting, and Tart My Heart. I didn't take note of the names of the lip balms on the left side.

I've only seen this at Walgreens so far; there's also a smaller display that has only the polishes.

Maybelline's Spring 2013 display is called Color Goes Electric. There's a polish-only display with eight bright colors: Orange Extreme, Shock Wave (blue), Coral Glow, Lustrous Lime, Intense Teal, Mesmerizing Magenta, Flash of Purple, and Blast of Blue.

The display above was on a shelf at Walgreens. Later, at a different Walgreens, I saw a big endcap display of Color Goes Electric that had makeup as well as polishes, and noticed there were ten colors of polish in that. The two that hadn't been in the shelf top display were Alluring Rose and Passionate Plum (fifth and seventh from left, respectively). I later saw that same endcap at a CVS.

At a Rite Aid, I saw the shelf top polish display of Color Goes Electric, but also a wide makeup and polish shelf display that had two colors of polish, apparently that's where the two colors that don't fit into the polish only display are supposed to go.

Rite Aid also had an NYC New York Color display called Color Burst. This was labeled "new" but not limited edition, so I think they'll be core. Left to right: Pink Bling, Fuchsia Glamour (the bottle says Pink Champagne, but I looked at the NYC site and am 99% sure this is mislabeled), Preppy Pink, Pink Champagne (labeled as Fuchsia Glamour), Midtown Mimosa, Skyline Blue, Boat Basin, and Rock the Party.

Ulta had several Piggy Polish displays. There's the seasonal I-rish I was Irish, with three greens: I'm Clover It, It's a Shire Thing (definitely a re-label, though I didn't peel off the top one to see what it used to be), and Is Anybody Gnome.

Piggy's It's Spring Again display had three glitters: Be Daring Darling (a multi glitter in the tradition of Lippmann Happy Birthday), Spring-kle (iridescent glitter in a pink base), and The Earth Says Hello (a shredded glitter that looks like Cult Nails Happy Ending).

The When the Sky Falls display appeared to be an attempt to tie into the new James Bond movie without having any official authorized connection. Three colors here: Bond Squad, Red My Mind, and In-Spectre.

As soon as coupons were no longer being accepted on OPI (they're prestige now, at $9 a bottle), Ulta put out the Oz Great and Powerful display. This is the Soft Shades collection for 2013. There are three pale cremes—Glints of Glinda (peach), Don't Burst My Bubble (light pink), and I Theodora You (pink)—three glitters—When Monkeys Fly (copper/gold), Lights of Emerald City (white/iridescent), and Which is Witch (silver/holo). There's also one Liquid Sand: What Wizardry is This, a warm brown.

Ulta also had polish from a brand I know from using their makeup; I've never seen nail polish from them before, though. It's Physicians Formula. The display is a spinner with eight different Endless Color custom nail trios. These are sets of three stackable mini bottles (.15 fl. oz. each) in coordinated colors. The base of the display has nail art ideas for each of the trios. There's Trendsetter Chic (blue/purple), California Goddess (pink/orange), Bare It All (white/peach), Smokin' Haute (red/black), In the Nude (peach/taupe), Three Shades of Grey (just what you'd expect), Fashion Icon (blue/green/yellow), Treat Yourself (glitter/topcoat).

In mini news, I saw some Wet 'n' Wild Fergie mini sets at Walgreens. There are two different ones: Fergalicious Definition and The Flossy Flossy. Each has six mini polishes and photos/ideas for how to combine them for different nail art looks.

At CVS, I saw some 4-packs of Pixel polishes.

I ventured into WalMart to see if I could find the new Hard Candy colors. What I found was a completely empty display for them. I suspect that it hadn't had any polishes in it yet, as it hadn't been painted on by the typical pack of wild animals that seem to roam the beauty aisles at that store.

What WalMart did have was a display with Fing'rs Edge Ombre nail polish kits. These have five mini bottles of polish in a light to dark range of one hue (blue, pink, grey, purple, red) and a sponge to sue to create a gradient mani.

Ombre/gradient seems to have hit the mainstream. At my Kroger grocery store, they had Ombre Limited Edition Gradient Polish sets from L.A. Girl in purple, turquoise, and grey.

At CVS and Rite Aid, I've spotted Gradation Polishes sets from Kiss. The CVS display had them in blue and pink plus a Top Coat Trio pack. At Rite Aid, there was a silver/black gradation set, too.

Sally has three China Glaze Ombre sets. Wait Teal You See contains White On White, For Audrey, Aquadelic, and Turned Up Turquoise. Grape Expectations is Sweet Hook, Spontaneous, Grape Pop, and Crimson. Sweet Sensations is Angel's Breath, Something Sweet, Dance Baby, and Make an Entrance. In addition to the polishes, these sets contain 10 sponges.

The other nail art trend that I'm seeing more of in stores is the caviar/fish egg mani. Both Meijer and Ulta have Academy of Colour 3D Manicure kits with a bottle of beads, a funnel, and a base color. Meijer had Black, Sparkling Pinks, Royal Blue, Pearl, and Party Colours.

Ulta had Blue, Pink, Pearl, and Multi.

Rite Aid has Nail Pearls from Pretty Woman. These only have the beads and the funnel. There are three colors: mixed pinks, mixed blues, and multi.

I've bought a sampling of things in these displays that I hope to get time to swatch and share in the coming weeks.


  1. Oh man! I was just at Ulta and they didn't have any new Piggy Polish. :( Just a bunch of old clearance stuff. I do have the Hard Candys, though... lol I'm suprised they're not up in your store yet. Should be soon. Apparently they're not supposed to put up empty displays like that unless they intend to stock it asap.

  2. The piggy polish irish collection has some awful stupid names :/ I like the idea behind the Sally Hansen ombre packs

  3. Oh, I like your posts with these kind of photos, so many beautiful things, I don't know where to look! :-) I love all pastel nail polishes! :-)

  4. I am very excited about all the Essie collections they are coming out with!! Not so much the greatest hits collections but Madison ave hue, wedding, resort, and neon!! It is not going to be good for my bank account!,

  5. That pastel Loreal lip stuff is calling to me! I'm so jealous you have access to all of this in one place!

  6. OH so many pretties - L'Oreal's pastels needs some research on my behalf LOL

  7. I am still on the lookout for the mikani texture polishes but no luck so far. and ugh, opi is prestige now? it's like they don't want us getting any discount ever on them. wonder if they will end t buy 2 get 1 sales they used to do occasionally. i am glad I have a supply store near me that I can go to. thanks for another great display post!

    fishgirl182 @ the painted ninja

  8. Oh lots of goodies! Thanks for posting!:)

  9. My Walmart was the same with the Hard Candy - it was completely empty with the planogram directions taped to the rack above it. I have to go back to see if they've filled it in yet, because I feel compelled to get a couple on the VERY FIRST DAY they're out before the customers open them all and paint all over the racks.

  10. I love the Madison Ave-Hue collection! I need them all!

  11. I wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I LOVE your display posts and appreciate the extensive time you put into it. There are extremely busy women such as myself who maintain an hectic work schedule, and then rush home to a chaotic home/family and don't have time to dedicate going to every store to check out the new displays and maintain our nailie status. I keep your posts flagged so any time I need to make a run to CVS, Walgreens, Ulta, etc...I can pull it up quickly as my reference for what I need to keep a look out for.

    Thank you! YOU and all your hard work is very much appreciated!!!

  12. I would be in trouble if I had so many choice here :)

  13. I am particularly drawn by the L'oreal Versailles pastels, but I will wait for your swatches ; ) Great post, thanks for sharing! : D


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