Monday, February 24, 2014

More Fun with FingerPaints Flakies

Earlier this month, I swatched the FingerPaints Kaleidoscope Flakies. I knew I wanted to try them over something other than the black base I used for those swatches, and for a change, I actually followed up on that.

I first tried two coats of Vivid Reflection (plus clear topcoat) over Sally Hansen Dreamsicle. The orange base brings out the pink and gold in the flakes. It's a subtle effect and definitely more interesting than the creme alone.

Two coats of Colorful Dream over Sally Hansen Love Train (again plus topcoat) was a pretty combination, with the flakies showing pink and lilac and gold, mostly.

One of the things I hadn't done with the black base was add matte topcoat (I've no idea why, since I have so many matte toppers around), so I remedied that during this swatching session. Here's Symmetrical Symphony over Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme, topped with OPI Matte Top Coat. I quite liked the effect.

For my next experiment, I laid down a dark blue base (Sinful Colors New Wave) and played with pairing up the flakies. Left to right (all mattified): 2 coats of Abstract Attraction, Abstract Attraction and Symmetrical Symphony, Abstract Attraction and Colorful Dream, Abstract Attraction and Psychedelic Hue.

Another view of Abstract/Symmetrical (top) and Abstract/Colorful:

Then it was a deep violet base (Sinful Colors Enchanted) with combinations featuring Vivid Reflection. Left to right (again with the matte topper): 2 coats of Vivid Reflection, Vivid Reflection and Colorful Dream, Vivid Reflection and Psychedelic Hue, Vivid Reflection and Colorful Dream and Psychedelic Hue.

Another angle:

I've heard some people expressing disappointment in these flakies compared to the prior FingerPaints collection, which was more vibrant; I for one like the variety and enjoy having some less flashy options in my flakies wardrobe.


  1. *Does not compute less flashy* lol. They look nice over the darker colours; I hardly see them on the light. Just not into the flakies at the moment and like the past FP release (which I still have not put any on my nails yet so don't think I need these ones...and trying not to buy all the polishes!

  2. I don't know why recently to check out your blog i need to switch to parent control? Anyway,my favourite is the last one on top of a matte.

    1. beautyshades, that's odd; I haven't changed any settings recently. Maybe it was a glitch somewhere? Hope it's not still happening for you.

  3. ........ >_> I think you may have convinced me to pick up the rest of these. LOL

  4. Love the 2nd and the 3rd one. Seems i cant get over Valentine mood already! lol

  5. All look amazing, especially the third :)

  6. Fun testing! I really like it over Love Train :D It looks really girly hehe


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