Friday, March 7, 2014

Super Duper Long Early March Display Post

I am determined to clear out my folders of display photos today, so get ready for some lengthy ramblings. Not only do I have pictures from stores in my metro Detroit home area as per usual, but I also have some from my recent travels through other parts of Michigan as well as Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin (they have the same chains, pretty much, but there's enough variation in what different locations get when that I saw some stuff on the road that I haven't run into at home, at least not yet). In the interest of giving my brain a way to easily organize the volume of pictures I've got to sort through, I'm going to run through the brands alphabetically, starting with one I didn't even realize made nail polish anymore. Marching down one of the beauty aisles at Meijer to get to the seasonal displays at the end, I happened to see some polish in one of the core displays I hadn't noticed before: Bonne Bell. They made a line called Nail Gear back in the day but since that disappeared I though they were out of the polish business. Apparently not. The colors here aren't as interesting as what I recall of Nail Gear but not every line can be chock full of glitter. Colors left to right: Paradis, Quartier Français, Venice Beach, Miami, Key West, San Juan, Honolulu, and Napa Valley.

I spotted the Butter London Boho Rock collection at Ulta. Per the BL website, these are "...layering shades designed to unleash your Bohemian spirit. Sensuous neutrals combine with ethereal textures for an earthy and feminine finish." Front row: Keen, Goss, Trallop. Back row: Lucy in the Sky, Lushington, Trifle.

China Glaze has a bunch of seasonal stuff in stores now. First up, they've put out some quartets of previously released colors packaged with instructions for creating nail art with those shades. I saw these at Ulta. The It's in the Stars pack contains Sexy in the City, Reggae to Riches, Liquid Leather, and Fairy Dust polishes and instructions to do a simple galaxy nails look. On the Dot has Purple Panic, Turned Up Turquoise, Sun Worshipper, and White on White with guidance on dotting, except they don't recommend using a dotting tool or toothpick or anything like that. Remix Your French contains Innocence, Icicle, White on White, and Fast Forward Top Coat, plus striping tape, plus instructions on making a graphic look using the tape to mask off triangles.

Sally Beauty had the China Glaze Sea Goddess collection of textured polishes. Six shades here: Seahorsin' Around (turquoise), Teal the Tide Turns (blue green), Tail Me Something (lilac), Shell We Dance (deep pink), Wish on a Starfish (pink), and Sand Dolla Make You Holla (ivory/multi).

Both Sally Beauty and Ulta had the big 12-color spring collection from China Glaze, City Flourish. My Sally store had a smaller display, with just enough room for one of each shade, while Ulta had a larger one which had room for two of each color plus they'd jammed in a few extra bottles as well. Colors are: What a Pansy (periwinkle), In a Lily Bit (purpley pink), Thistle Do Nicely (bright pink), Metro Pollen-tin (yellow), Petal to the Metal (coral), At Vase Value (blue), Don't Honk Your Thorn (beige), Lotus Begin (lilac), Spring in My Step (pink), Peonies & Park (warm pink), Grass is Lime Greener (green), and Strike a Rose (warm pink).

Color Club retail distribution has always been spotty for me; sometimes new colors would show up at Bed Bath & Beyond or Rite Aid or Meijer, but never consistently. Last weekend at Meijer, I saw this Floral Garden display, which at first glance looks like something fresh for spring 2014, except thanks to the internet, I know that these are not new colors, nor do they have the white cap and updated logo that Color Club is using as of their most recent collection. Still, they're pretty to look at.

In Color Club sister brand news, at Meijer I also found Cosmetic Arts display that was not missing any colors, unlike when I first came across it in January. Thus I now know that two of the three colors I hadn't seen before are glitters, of the small iridescent in jelly base variety (a la Sinful Hottie and Pinkie Glitter).

My Ulta added Dermelect to their product lines. Supposedly these are anti-aging, but I doubt I'd get any benefit since I'm not faithful to one brand for very long.

Also at Ulta, the Deborah Lippmann Spring 2014 colors were featured at the top of the full Lippmann display: La Vie en Rose, Spring Buds, Blue Orchid, Tip Toe Through the Tulips, Build Me Up Buttercup, and Flowers in Her Hair.

The Spring 2014 offering from Essie, Hide & Go Chic, is showing up all over the place. Ulta had the full collection in a big white display, CVS had it in a black display, Rite Aid had four of the colors in a little white display, and Meijer had all of them in a cardboard sidekick. Shades are Hide & Go Chic (blue), Fashion Playground (mint), Romper Room (pink), Style Hunter (red), Truth or Flare (medium blue), and Spin the Bottle (dusty peach).

The Finger Paints Kaleidoscope flakies are still at Sally Beauty, but they've been joined by a new display, Rock My World, which has four metallic looking color which I understand are also textured: Pretty Tough Pink, Rockin' Gunmetal, Rock Hard Lilac, and Stone Cold Pewter.

Five Below has a new collection of Funky Fingers colors called Glitz & Glam. I am not entirely sure which colors are in this collection, though. The Five Below website shows a photo of four bottles but doesn't give names, while five bins at the store had Glitz & Glam signs in them, one of which also had a New Shade sign, same as the non-G&G bin next to it. Anyway, left to right, the color names are Hip City Jack, Midge (which was very popular so you can't really see it; it's purple with multi micro glitter), Golden Grace, Love Park, Lady Charlotte, and Snakes and Sparklers.

The latest from L'Oreal is Les Blancs, which I've only seen at Bed Bath & Beyond so far. It's got two milky glitters and four super pale sheer cremes (at least I assume they're sheer based on the display photo). Left to right: Le Pastille, Spot Me, Mint Glacée, Sweet Lilac, À La Meringue, and Peach Negligé.

Maybelline's spring collection is called Dare to Go Nude. I first saw this at Bed Bath & Beyond but later the same displays popped up at Rite Aid. Two of the polishes are in a display with other makeup: Bare Beige and Blushing Nude.

The other five polish shades are in their own display: Bronze Beam (glitter), Warm Me Up, Lust for Buff, Naturally Cream, and Bare All.

A couple nights ago at CVS, I saw another Dare to Go Nude display that had five of the polishes (missing Bronze Beam and Warm Me Up) and other makeup.

I saw the new Milani Gold Label line in the core section at Meijer thanks to a tip from my friend Tracey. There are six bright cremes—Showy Sea-Green, Popping Pink, Splendid Strawberry, Colorful Coral, Vivid Violet, and Power Periwinkle—and six glitters which the display says are textures—Sugar Coated, Sugar Rush, Sugar Burst, Sugar High, Sugar Cane, and Sugar Rim.

Somewhere in my travels (I think it was at a CVS; I might have to start snapping photos of the store sign before I go in, as I can't always tell from the shelving and price tag styles which place I was at when I look later), I came across a Nicole by OPI display with new core shades. In front, it's Always a Flirt; in back, we have Fabulous is My Middle Name, Sweet Surrender, and Be Awesome.

At a CVS in Wisconsin (which I remember clearly because I was there twice in two days due to not going in with a complete shoppping list the first time), I got my first look at the second set of Nicole by OPI Carrie Underwood colors. It was pretty picked over already, with only four polish colors left: Sing You Like a Bee, Some Hearts, Color Me Country, and Party Bus.

Brazil is the big spring collection from OPI, with twelve shades. I've run into this at both Ulta and Sally Beauty. On the top of the display below, it's Kiss Me I'm Brazilian, and AmazON AmazOFF. Second level down to the right: I Just Can't Cope-acabana, Where Did Suzi's Man-go, Live Love Carnaval, and Toucan Do It If You Try. Trio on the left: Don't Bossa Nova Me Around, Next Stop The Bikini Zone, and Taupe-less Beach. On the bottom right: Red Hot Rio, OPI Scores a Goal, and I Sao Paolo Over There.

I've seen the big bottles in a few different display configurations (shown below), but what I haven't seen anywhere yet is the set of four mini Liquid Sand colors that I understood was being released with this collection. I've seen the regular mini set but not the Liquid Sands.

I'm not sure what season the OPI Muppets Most Wanted collection is for, but I saw it at a Sally Beauty in west Michigan, right next to Brazil. This one has eight colors. The four across the top are Int'l Crime Caper, Miss Piggy's Big Number, Kermit Speak to Me, and Chillin' Like a Villian. On the bottom, there's Muppets World Tour, I Love Applause, Let's Do Anything We Want, and Gaining Mole-mentum.

On the other side of OPI Brazil at that same Sally Beauty, I saw the Orly Blush collection, which I guess is their spring offering, with six colors. Front row on the bottom: Naked Canvas, First Blush, Cheeky. Front row on top: Flawless Flush, Dare to Bare, and Classic Contours.

Revlon has a bunch of new stuff in stores. The first display I spotted was the Candy Vibes collection of 3D Jewel Applique nail stickers. There are eight designs: Sprinkles (pink/red/orange/gold jimmies on white), Frosting (pastel plaid on white), Gumballs (neon overlapping circles on white), Marshmallow Twist (pastel marbling), Rock Candy (purple crystals), Milk Chocolates (white dots on brown), Red Hearts (red/pink hearts on black), and Sherbet (pastel/silver glitter gradient). I've seen these at Walgreens and CVS.

There are two new glitter topcoats from Revlon in a Glam Textures display that I saw at a CVS. The red/white one is called Daring Graffiti Top Coat and the black/white one is Rebel Graffiti Top Coat (though the tops of the bottles say only "Graffiti Top Coat" along with the shade number). These are new core colors; I've also seen them in the core display at Walgreens.

The Revlon Uptown Tweeds & Downtown Leather display has limited edition textures and bar glitters. Textures: Motorcycle Jacket, Rock Chic, Leather Skinnies, and Downtown. Glitters: Uptown, Martini Lunch, Tweed Mini, Woven Clutch. I saw this at CVS.

Meijer had the Revlon Gucci Westman Rio Rush collection. This has four polishes: Gold Goddess, Oi Beautiful (or maybe 01 Beautiful), Copa Sunset, and Carioca Crush.

Also at Meijer, I saw the Revlon Electric Chrome display (limited edition shades inspired by The Amazing Spider-man 2). Six colors here: Spidey Sense, Gwen's Crush, Superpowered, I'm Electro, 1000 Volts, and Electrified Web. These have gold spiderwebs on the handles.

Rimmel has a big display of the core colors of thier 60 Seconds line called Rock Colour Around the Clock. I've seen this at one at Walgreens. Starting at back left: Red Steady Go, Golden Hour, Hot Chili Pepper, Caramel Cupcake, I Lilac You, topcoat, Blue Eyed Girl, Pulsating, Blue My Mind, Pink-a-boo, Hot Black to Go, Sweet Lavender, Sunny Days, Magic Stardust, Precious Metal, Mintilicious.

Sally Hansen has new colors in the Complete Salon Manicure and Xtreme Color lines, and I found both (along with stuff we've already seen) in a big display at a CVS.

The new Xtreme Wear colors are all glitters; I think these are limited edition though this particular display doesn't say so. Left to right: Rock Chic, Glam Fest, Purple Petals, Rouge Rush, Galaxy Green, Indi-glow, Light Show, Ripple Effect.

The new Complete Salon Manicure colors are pastels: Tutu Pretty, Take the Leap, Tulle Kit, Cur-tan Call, Don't be Leotardy, and Piqué Side.

Those CSM shades are limited edition; I saw a standalone display with them at Meijer that said so.

Sinful Colors of course has a St. Patrick's Day display out at Walgreens. This year, it's called Sham-rockin and has these colors: San Francisco, HD Nails, Exotic Green, Pistache, Green Ocean, Call You Later, Sin-ammon, and Snow Me White. Sin-ammon was the only one I hadn't seen before, though I understand it was released at WalMart a while back.

Sinful Colors also has not one but two spring collections out at Rite Aid. Oh My Mod is bright, clear colors, most of which are new shades. Left to right: Boom Boom, Chick Chick, Beatnick, Feel the Vibe, Hip to Be Square, Go Go Boots, Jolt, Energetic Red. Boom Boom is core, and Energetic Red is a re-release, but I hadn't seen any of the others before (though I'm told that Jolt was a Target exclusive prior to this).

Mod in Bloom is all pastels, and all new colors: Nice Stems, Bright Lucite, Violets Are Blue, Baby Blues, Mad About Hue, Daizy Days, Cream Soda, and Pink Poppys.

At Ulta, I saw two spring displays from Sparitual. The first had two matte flakie topcoat and a black creme. Left to right: Opaline Luminary, Citrine Luminary, and Street Smart.

The Sparitual Explore display has six shades: North Star, Navigate, Uncharted, Magnify, Wilderness, and Firefly.

Wet 'n' Wild has a wee St. Patrick's display called Get Lucky, which I spotted at Walgreens. It's got one shade of polish, FastDry Sagreena the Teenage Witch, which is not new.

Also at Walgreens, I saw a Wet 'n' Wild sidekick with some Wild Shine Colors that were marked as limited edition. (There are bunch of core colors there, too, and that great matte topcoat.)

Limited edition shades: Deception, Temptation, Here Comes Trouble, Get Lucky, Too Hot for You, and Cursed.

Also at Walgreens, they had the Wet 'n' Wild The Style Award Goes To display with eyeshadow and six limited edition Megalasat polish colors: Sophisticated Lady, Candid Affair, Silver Lining, Elegance, Valet Tag, and Champagne Toast.

Weeks after I'd swatched the Zoya Naturel collection, I saw the display at Ulta. Top row: Chantal, Taylor, Rue. Bottom: Brigitte, Odette, Normani.

Having gotten to Z for Zoya, you might think I'm done. But no, I have a few shots of the multi-branded Nail HQ at CVS. I was so excited when I saw my first one of these, but now I'm finding them a bit tedious, as when new stuff shows up at stores that have this setup, it often gets blended right in so I don't notice it at first. Like this section of OPI; my CVS never had OPI before. Around the corner from the OPI, you can just make out the Sally Hansen Satin Glam and Sugar Shimmer colors, not standing out particularly because they're just on the white shelves like everything else.

On another side of the HQ some Revlon Parfumerie colors I didn't recall seeing before were mixed into that section, and the first set of Nicole by OPI colors are slipped in alongside core shades. You gotta watch these Nail HQs, I tell you what.

Whew. I think this is the longest post I've ever done. Maybe I'll really try harder to not let my display photos pile up so much from now on. Thanks for sticking with me through my ramblings!


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  5. I was so excited when I read about Bonne Bell coming back with nail polishes but yeah... kinda blah. I guess hoarding all the Nail Gear off ebay will have to do for now. I want to try those new Milani polishes (Sugar High and Sugar Rim for sure).

  6. I'm speechless, so many collections!! I think that China Glaze sets are a nice idea...And I'll be glad to spend some time checking one of those Nail HQs (those Revlon are still missing here...)!

  7. OMG I'm so pissed at Ulta. At mine anyway. Added Sparitual which is, for the most part, SO BORING and it's taking up space formerly occupied by Zoya and Orly which are now shrunken down. *cries*

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  21. I have to say, while I think anti-aging for nails is a little absurd, the Dermelect Launchpad base coat is pretty great. I've used about a third of a bottle under all kinds of polish and my nails have grown out nicely with nary a peelie or break. So you wouldn't *have* to commit to one brand of polish...

    1. BeckBeck, hmm, I may have to try that. My poor nails have really suffered this winter with the cold and dry conditions.

  22. So many awesome displays! I really like the look of the China Glaze spring collection :)


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