Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Smitten Polish Holiday Collection Swatches

With just a couple days 'til Christmas, it seems important that I share the Smitten Polish holiday collection, some of which is still available from the Smitten Polish webshop. There are seven shades in this group: Snow Day Sunrise, Jack Frost, Nose So Bright, Maple Sugar Candy, Between the Baubles, Ghosts of Christmas, and Figgy Pudding.

I started with the two most typically Christmas-y colors, which also happen to be the two linear holos in the group: Nose So Bright, which is red, and Between the Baubles, which is a deep leaf green. I did two coats of each, no topcoat for my swatch. In indirect light, the holo stays pretty subtle.

In direct indoor light, the holo comes out to play; it was stronger in the green than in the red in these condtions. (Because the weather gods seem have it in for my swatching lately, I was not able to see these outside in full sun.)

I combined two microglitters for my next look. Maple Sugar Candy, a brownish gold, got an accent nail and funky French tips of Ghosts of Christmas, a red wine. Both of these have jelly bases packed with tiny glitter particles. I used three coats of Maple Sugar Candy and two of Ghosts of Christmas, and did add topcoat since that smoothed out the demarcation between the base and the French tip detail.

Maple Sugar Candy has some holo in its glitter mix, while Ghosts of Christmas is straight metallic. They popped best in low direct light (I'm sure sun would have been even better).

Jack Frost is a light blue microglitter; it seems to have both metallic and holo glitters, though when they're this small it's hard to tell. I did two coats plus topcoat; the pictures show that three might have been better, though to the naked eye it seemed opaque at two.

Jack Frost was so pretty in low light:

Snow Day Sunrise has a similar finish to Jack Frost, except it's pink. I used two coats plus topcoat for my swatch, putting dots of Jack Frost on an accent nail just for fun.

Like its blue sibling, Snow Day Sunrise sparkles prettily in direct light:

I saved my favorite for last: Figgy Pudding. It's a purple jelly with gold to bronze color shifting flakies and coppery shimmer.

Pretty as Figgy Pudding was on its own, I couldn't resist trying one coat of Maple Sugar Candy plus topcoat on three of my nails to see what that would do. In indirect light, is mostly served to obscure the lovely flakies.

In direct light, though, the combination was quite entrancing.

While Figgy Pudding is my absolute favorite of the collection, Jack Frost and Between the Baubles are close behind. Maple Sugar Candy and Snow Day Sunrise are my least favorites just because I don't find them all that flattering with my skintone.

The formula on all of these was smooth and problem free as I've come to expect from Smitten.


  1. Ooooooh Figgy Pudding is definitely my favourite too!! Jack Frost is gorgeous as well!

  2. The last three are definitely my favorite!! So pretty!

  3. What a gorgeous collection!! I love the addition of some not-so-traditional colors. ^_^

  4. I love the pink one!


  5. I have Nose So Bright and absolutely love it - but now I see I might need Figgy Pudding too LOL

  6. Beautiful swatches! :)
    Merry Christmas! :)

  7. There isn't any I wouldn't like. The yellow and green one are my picks.

  8. These are all so gorgeous! Kisses dear, have a good evening! xo

  9. These are pretty, I like the green but the purple is definitely the standout


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