Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wet 'n' Wild Mega Rocks Meets Sally Hansen Insta Dri

Faced with two sets of six polishes in my swatching queue, one made up of glitter toppers and one with no glitter at all, it seemed fated they go together. On top, it's the Wet 'n' Wild MegaRocks All Access Beauty limited edition glitters for Holiday 2014: The Snow Must Go On, Breakfast in Tinsel Town, Starlet in Scarlet, It's a Winterful Life, Rebel Without a Claus, and Glitz the Night Away. (Rebel Without a Claus snuck into the blog already, in the glitter sandwich in my holiday meetup mani. On the bottom, it's Sally Hansen Insta Dri shades from a display that's new enough it hasn't made it into one of my display posts yet (hope to remedy that yet this week); these are new core colors, I believe: Making Mauves, Set Sail, In Nude-tral, Re-teal Therapy, Ablazing, and Leapin' Lilac.

Sally Hansen Making Mauves is a light pink-tinged taupe with fine silvery pink shimmer.

The shimmer is subtle but not invisible; it's quite pretty in direct low light:

I matched Making Mauves with Wet 'n' Wild The Snow Must Go On, which has a very sheer light pink base with white and holographic glitter. The base was a bit goopy, so I had to thin it (spoiler alert: this was the only one I had that trouble with). Once thinned, it self leveled well enough that I didn't add topcoat.

Sally Hansen Set Sail is a gorgeous light but not too light slightly perwinkle-leaning blue creme.

I paired Set Sail with Wet 'n' Wild Breakfast in Tinsel Town, which has silver holographic and green metallic glitter in a clear base.

Sally Hansen In Nude-tral is a light camel creme.

In Nude-tral got to partner with Wet 'n' Wild Starlet in Scarlet, a silver and berry red metallic glitter mix in a clear base. In some cases, reflections make the silver glitter look gold, but it's not.

Sally Hansen Re-teal Therapy is a green-leaning blue creme.

I topped Re-teal Therapy with Wet 'n' Wild It's a Winterful Life, which is a blue version of Starlet in Scarlet, with blue and silver metallic glitter in a clear base.

Sally Hansen Leapin' Lilac is a lilac creme.

Wet 'n' Wild Glitz the Night Away is the magenta sibling of It's a Winterful Life and Starlet in Scarlet, with magenta and silver metallic glitter.

Sally Hansen Ablazing is a red with gold flecked shimmer.

Wet 'n' Wild Rebel Without a Claus has a mix of sizes of gold metallic glitter in a clear base, which made it a great partner for the golden shimmered Ablazing. Some of the reflections in the photos make it look like a gold/silver mix, but there's no silver in real life.

All of the Sally Hansens were fully opaque in two coats. The only one I used topcoat on was Ablazing, as the shimmer in that needed a bit of smoothing. I used one coat of each of the Wet 'n' Wilds, except for The Snow Must Go On, which needed two, probably because it's the only one I had to thin.

On the Sally Hansen side, I am in love with Set Sail; that light cornflower blue is just so pretty. The other cremes are fine, just either not flattering to me (In Nude-tral) or too similar to others I have. If Ablazing were a creme, it would fall into the too similar category as well, but the gold shimmer makes it interesting. Making Mauves falls into the pretty ugly category; it's so drab it's intriguing to me.

As far as the Wet 'n' Wilds go, Breakfast in Tinsel Town is my top pick, as the holo/green combination is a bit unusual. The Snow Must Go On looks great, but the formula put me off; quite possibly I just got a bad bottle. I see myself using the other shades mostly for jelly sandwiches; Rebel Without a Claus has already gotten a place in my layerings box, which I keep handy for playing with various combinations when swatching. One curious note about this collection: it looks like there might be an alternate version of these— check out the post on Cool Polish; the only one that looks like the ones I found is Starlet in Scarlet. It's sort of like when Wet 'n' Wild brought back the Ice Baby collection and changed most of the colors, except these two versions of the MegaRocks are out at the same time.


  1. The glitters look amazing and you've paired them well :-D

  2. Love these pairings, they work so well together

  3. Starlet in Scarlet is my glitter pick. The Snow Must Go On, what a name! :D I like Insta-Dris, I've been satisfied with them so far.

  4. Two words: Set Sail <3
    I agree it is gorgeous!

  5. I love your pairings Karen! All the glitters look amazing with the base colours you picked. I really like Making Mauves and I kind of like alllll the glitters lol :D

  6. I keep almost grabbing those glitters and haven't yet... you make it so hard to resist!!


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