Monday, December 22, 2014

Bonita Jolly Nails Set

My friend Tracey (on Instagram as traceyloveslacquer) went to the Kmart where I'd spotted the Bonita sets that I shared in my recent display post and saw not only the three that were there when I visited but four more besides. Could I resist going to see for myself? No, of course I couldn't.

The four other sets all look more like spring/summer colors than the fall/winter ones in the other sets. One is even called All Summer Long (top left); the others (going clockwise from All Summer Long) are On the Boardwalk, Hello Sunshine, and Color Theory. Maybe these were in a warehouse somewhere and someone saw them and said "hey, gift sets sell well at Christmas" so out they came. I don't think stores have a lot of back stock these days, though, so who knows.

Stuck on the shelf behind these sets was something else from Bonita: a set called Jolly Nails, with square bottles and two glitters in the group of six polishes. This was one of the things I'd hoped to find when I saw the original three sets; where it was then I've no idea. There was just one of these, so there was no question of thinking about it and coming back later—I grabbed it. I was hoping if I looked at the back of other shelves I might turn up even more things I hadn't seen before, but no such luck.

This set got scooted to the front of my swatching queue, what with it being a Christmas set and Christmas being just around the corner. I tried the silver and gold first (none of these bottles have shade names on them). The silver was what I consider a true metallic finish; it only took one coat for full coverage. The gold is more of a metallic/shimmer hybrid; it took two coats.

Then it was time to try the glitter toppers, both of which have clear bases. The multi glitter has red, green, silver, gold, turquoise and lilac hexes in different sizes.

The red glitter also has a mix of hex sizes, but they're all red.

I put two coats of the multi glitter on the gold base and two coats of the red glitter on the silver base, then added clear topcoat over all.

Next it was red and green's turn. The red is a creme; the green has fine silver shimmer. I used three coats of the green and two of the red, though perhaps I should have gone three on the red, too, since I see a hint of visible nail line in these photos that I don't remember from real life.

Once the glitter went on, I things really got festive.

I'm quite happy to have found this set, especially for the price (I think it was $6.99, something around there; yeah, I should do a better job of keeping track of my receipts). The square caps were a bit odd to work with (they don't come off, or at least not with the amount of force I was willing to apply to them) but not too bad. I wish they'd made the red a shimmer like the green, but the multi glitter nicely distracted me from that issue.

I was surprised that nothing new from Bonita showed up at Rite Aid this season. Maybe the brand isn't selling as well as they'd hoped. I do


  1. I picked up a couple of these sets on my US shopping trip this past weekend; but didn't see the Jolly set. Looks very festive!

  2. The red and green are my favorites - but they all are festive with the glitters :)

  3. So much pretties!!! The red does kind of stand out, though.... >_>

  4. Gorgeous glitters, they look so good over the silver and gold :-D


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