Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wheel I7: Cool Toned Gold and Taupe Metallics and Shimmers

This first Nail Wheel Wednesday of 2015 features a group of polishes I lumped into the "neutral brown" category when I did the big sort before I painted this batch of wheels. From that big group, I grabbed mostly cooler-toned shades that looked metallic in the bottle.

1. Nicole by OPI the Gold Shoulder (2 coats) [the tiny bits of gold in this make it interesting]
2. OPI Designer De Better (2) [a bolder version of the idea behind #1, with coppery flakes on the silvery base]
3. OPI Glamour Game (3) [one of the frosty flecked shades from 2008's Holiday in Toyland]
4. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Time to Shine (2) [if I didn't know this was a drugstore polish, I'd guess it was OPI; great mix of metallic shimmer here]
5. Studio M Wonderland (2)
6. Barielle Brown Sparkles (2)
7. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Shining Moment (3)
8. Nails Inc. The Royal Mews (2) [almost a one-coater]
9. Chanel Quartz (3) [would have been two coats if I'd been more careful and not bumped it while wet]
10. NYC Metallic Nail Glossies Molten Meal (2)
11. Ulta Chic Peek (2)
12. Cover Girl Boundless Color Bronze Beauty (3)
13. Visions Storm (2)
14. OPI Melody in Mocha (3) [micro flakie shimmer makes this one]
15. Ulta unlabelled mini (2) [wish I knew what this was and if it came in full size; reminds me of OPI Suede finish]
16. China Glaze Swing Baby (3)
17. Wet 'n' Wild Wild Shine Champagne (3) [rich looking for such a cheap polish]
18. Sally Hansen New Lengths Bead It (3) [very old school frost look]
19. Studio M Reindeering (2) [almost a one-coater; love the speckled look of this]
20. BB Couture for Men Award Metal (3) [nice glow; I don't hear much about this brand anymore, wonder why]

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:

Destash notes: 6 can go because it's so close to 5 and I like the Studio M bottle better. I don't need 3 because Sheer Your Toys is the same finish and a more flattering color for me. I know 9 is a Chanel, but I think 8 is a better color for me and a similar finish, so Quartz may have to leave. 12 and 17 are similar enough that I don't need both. 18 only gets to stay because I'm sentimental about the brand and bottle.


  1. Some of these are nice. I do love Quartz :-)

  2. So many pretties!!! Figures my favorite is the Ulta unlabeled mini... >_<

  3. It's not smack down my comfort zone - but I admit that some of them are beautiful :D

  4. Nicole by OPI the Gold Shoulder looks the best... at least to me ;)

  5. Studio M Reindeering is gorgeous... I never heard of the brand though, which is probably a good thing :)


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