Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Rimmel Glitter Bomb Top Coat Swatches

Hi, I'm back! I have been at my mountain home in northern Idaho, enjoying myself on and off the ski slopes, but now have returned to my regular routine, which includes blogging, and boy do I have a backlog of stuff to post about, starting with the Rimmel Glitter Bomb glitter toppers, which were released ahead of this past holiday season but are still in some stores now. There are five shades in this group: Midnight Mistletoe, Bling Thing, Disco Diva, Disco Fever, and Bedazzle.

Midnight Mistletoe would have been a great Christmas polish; it's got varying sizes of red, green, and silvery holo hex glitter.

I used three coats of Midnight Mistletoe plus topcoat over two coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Brown Nose. The holo glitter in here sets it apart from other red and green Christmas glitters I have; the shifting colors are like shiny ornaments.

Bling Thing has yellow gold hex glitter in a range of sizes with a smattering of holo star glitter.

I paired Bling Thing with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Greenlight, doing three coats of the Sally Hansen then two of the Rimmel plus some fishing to get that one star out, then clear topcoat.

Needing three coats of the base color made me think "jelly sandwich", so I topped all but my middle finger with one more coat of Greenlight. Yep, that worked nicely.

Disco Diva has rose gold hex glitter with lots of smaller holo glitter.

Two coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Scarlet Lacquer went under two coats of Disco Diva and clear topcoat. The holo glitter in this one seems extra rainbow-y, popping all sorts of colors even in the indirect light of my lightbox.

In direct room light, the pops of color got even stronger:

Disco Fever is chock full of square silver holo glitter.

I did two coats of Disco Fever over a base of three coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Blue Chip.

Blue Chip looked like it might be good for jelly sandwiches, too, so I added one more coat of it on all but my index finger. It layered nicely, but pretty much killed the holo effect of the glitter, so I will have to try it in another combination sometime.

Since they were both so holo-y, I wanted to try Disco Diva and Disco Fever together, so I put on a base of two coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Ginger Zinger, then added one coat each of Disco Diva and Disco Fever. I didn't use any topcoat since Disco Fever seemed to lay flat enough on its own. I liked the combination a lot, though I was somewhat tempted to pick off all the rose gold hexes and just have holo-holo-and-more-holo.

Bedazzle, the last glitter in this group, has turquoise, pink, and purple hexes plus tiny purple glitter.

I tried Bedazzle over Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Clean Slate (two coats of each).

For a different look, I put Bedazzle over Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Hello Pretty.

My favorite is Disco Fever; square glitter just isn't that common, and it's nice that this doesn't have other shapes in it so it can be layered with different glitters to add some square action.


  1. Ooh I really like Disco Diva!! And I love how Bedazzle looks on top of Hello Pretty :) I'm jealous of your mountain home as well, yay for skiing!

  2. Disco Diva is my favorite, looks great on your nails! Regards, Natasha

  3. Nice glitters :-D I got Bedazzle as a Christmas present from hubby :-D

  4. Some of these made their way into my stocking this Christmas!

  5. Fabulous swatches!! So glad I grabbed the ones I wanted when I did because these sold out quick!!

  6. Disco Diva is my favourite :) But I like this with the star and the square glitter too :)

  7. Disco Diva and Midnight Mistletoe are my favorites, the latter really signals Christmas :)

  8. Disco Fever is definitely the must-have from this collection - yay sqaure holo glitter!

  9. midnight mistletoe definitely looks like christmas :D


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