Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wheel R7: Glitters from Color Club and Nat Robbins

1. Color Club Starry Temptress (2 coats)
2. Color Club Glitter Envy (2)
3. Color Club Otherworldly (2)
4. Color Club Wink Wink Twinkle (2)
5. Color Club Ultra Astral (2)
6. Color Club Space Case (2)
7. Color Club You Got Soul-ar (2)
8. Color Club Diamond Drops (3)
9. Color Club Orna-minted (3)
10. Color Club Wish Upon a Rock Star (3) [the big lilac hexes make this one for me]
11. Color Club Very Merry Berry (3)
12. Color Club Sugar Plum Yum (3) [thought this was same as 11 just different colors, but no, the mix of sizes is different]
13. Color Club Holiday Splendor (2)
14. Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe (3)
15. Color Club Jingle Jangle (3)
16. Color Club Candy Cane (3)
17. Color Club Sugarplum Fairy (3)
18. Color Club Gingerbread (3)
19. Color Club Santa's Cinnamon (3)
20. Nat Robbins unknown navy with silver glitter [one of only two from this brand in my stash]

Bottles 1 through 7:

8 through 12:

13 through 17:

18 through 20:

Destash notes: I think I have Studio M dupes for most if not all of the Starry Temptress ones (1 through 7), and quite probably some of the others Color Clubs, so those could go (general rule is that the more obscure brand stay in stash unless the bottle is not space efficient, but the Studio M ones are) . I am holding on to the Nat Robbins for sure.


  1. I see many pretties - and funnily enough the one that calls my name is a shade I normally don't like to wear, a yellow-green, it's #2, but it's probably because it's so bright and bold!

  2. At last a post I thought I could safely look at without adding to my never ending wislist... I thought...
    14, 15, 16 and 17 are pretty though so yep, another four entries added :)

  3. Ooh pretty! I love the Nat Robbins one a lot (blue is soooo my colour) and I adore You Got Soul-ar as well, it looks so cute!

  4. Awesome glitters! I especially love number 2 :)

  5. Beautiful post, really interesting...thx for sharing!

  6. Some really gorgeous glitters here :-D

  7. I am a glitter monster and I absolutely love your collection :) Could you let us know how many glittery polishes do yo have in your stash, please :)

  8. Well, that settles it. I have to get 2-7. Thanks. ;) lol

  9. I used to love color club. now not so much, i haven't been wow'd by them in awhile.


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