Friday, April 29, 2016

Cover Girl Quartet

Back in February, I included some new Cover Girl shades in a display post; sometime after that, I happened upon a BOGO50% sale on them during a weak moment, which is how I ended up with not just the three new colors but a fourth from one of the Star Wars displays, because of course I couldn't buy three polishes during a BOGO sale, and buying only two of the three new ones was also not possible. So my mini Cover Girl haul consisted of this quartet: Camel, Rose Gold, Mink, and Diva After Dark.

I quite like these bottles; the square shape stores efficiently and the bulky overcap comes off to make using them easier.

I started with Camel, an old gold shimmer. The pro: it's quite opaque, nearly a one-coater, though I used two. The con: brushstrokes.

I tried topping it with Wet 'n' Wild's matte topcoat to see if that would help. Not really. It softened them a bit but I could still see them too well for my taste.

Rose Gold was up next. I used two coats of this one, which is what the name says, rose gold, and while this shimmer it did show brushstrokes, they were less prominent than with Camel. This has more glowiness to the shimmer, which helps diffuse the light, I think. On my index finger, where I was more careful to not let my strokes waver near the tip, the finish looked pretty good on this. On my other fingers, you can see some swerves.

I was able to disguise most of the swerves and strokes by adding a matte topcoat, OPI this time, and then a shiny one (Beauty Secrets). The color is almost mannequin hands on me, so might be something I turn to when I want a shiny but not flashy manicure. I'm trying to envision when that might be in my current life; maybe if I have to go to court for something or apply in person for a loan or something official like that.

Mink, the third new color, has a flecked finish and is more sheer than the first two. I'd describe the color as a cool gold. I used three coats, and brushstrokes were not an issue at all.

That Mink needed three coats made me think it mighat also work as a layering polish, and that turned out to be the case. It worked great over both Rose Gold and Camel to camoflage the brushstrokes while not changing the color too much. Top to bottom below: Rose Gold alone, Rose Gold with one coat of Mink, Camel alone, Camel topped with one coat of Mink. I like the Camel/Mink combination on me much better than Camel by itself, regardless of brushstrokes.

The last polish, Diva After Dark, is a black with silver shimmer. I used two coats, and it was plenty shiny on its own. I picked this from all the Star Wars ones because it seemed the most like space. It's a core color; I'm still not sure what the limited edition shades were for this movie tie-in. Nothing that grabbed my eye, anyway.

I'm a drugstore girl at heart. I love some indie polishes, but I grew up on mass market colors, and really like the instant gratification of going into a store and coming out with new polish for a good price.

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  1. Like you, I'm a drugstore kind of girl. I have plenty of indies, but they just don't thrill me like walking into Dollar Tree and leaving with six of the discontinued Wet n Wild Megalast polishes for $3.00 (they came in two packs!).

    I'm glad to see Diva After Dark - I picked that one up at a supermarket clearance and still haven't worn it. I skipped most of the Star Wars makeup even though I'm a huge Star Wars fan because it was just core colors with Star Wars stickers slapped on them. (Although the red lipstick 30 is really a very good classic red if you need that kind of thing.)


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