Tuesday, April 19, 2016

L'Oreal Bohemian Beauty Collection

Here I am with yet another "better late than never" post, featuring a collection from L'Oreal, Bohemian Beauty, that I first spotted in stores late last year and swatched back in January but am just getting to posting now. On the day I swatched these, I happened to snap a photo out the window of the loft bedroom I've been using as my polish room; it was serious winter out there.

Fortunately, the colors here do have a spring feel to them. Left to right: Sunkissed Silver, Boho Babe, Peaceful Pink, Radical Rose, Flower Crown, Blissful Blue, Totally Turquoise, Gypsy Glitz.

As often happens, I didn't have the patience to swatch all of these individually. I started by pairing the two lightest cremes. Sunkissed Silver, a very light cool-toned grey, went on my index and middle fingers, while Boho Babe, a super pale warm pink, went on my ring and pinky. Both of these were three coats and self leveled quite nicely.

One of the reasons I wanted to speed up swatching was to get to the glitter topper sooner. Gypsy Glitz has a clear base packed with holographic silver bar glitter as well as superfine silver shimmer. Now, bar glitter is still not and will probably never be my favorite sort of glitter, but these pieces are so delicately proportioned I quite like them.

Gypsy Glitz also has a great glitter payoff; I added one coat of it on my middle and ring fingers and that was plenty. It was very well behaved, no bar glitter sticking up, no heavy topcoat needed to tame it.

I did swatch the next shade all by itself, because it was the only shimmer in the collection. Peaceful Pink has a fine pink shimmer in a pale peachy pink base.

It turns out that the shimmer pretty much disappears on the nail. On my skintone at least, Peaceful Pink looked like a ballet pink creme. I used three coats, and like the light cremes, it self leveled well.

I added one coat of Gypsy Glitz to all but my index finger. The holo in the glitter seemed to come forward a bit more than it had on the light cremes.

The remaining four colors are all cremes and more vibrant than the first three base shades I shared. Top to bottom: Radical Rose (warm purple, 2 coats), Flower Crown (mint green, 3 coats), Blissful Blue (sky blue, 3 coats), and Totally Turquoise (deep sky blue, 2 coats). While I did use three coats of the lighter two here, I probably could have stopped at two if I were more careful in application.

Of course these four got topped with Gypsy Glitz, again one coat. On the deeper shades here, the shimmer in Gypsy Glitz finally made an appearance.

The shimmer showed more in direct light:

One note: Totally Turquoise did stain my skin a bit, but did not stain my nail. I was able to clean up my skin with a toothpaste scrub.

I like that the topper here pairs nicely with all the base colors. I did want to see it over a deeper shade, too, so I laid down two coats of Liya's Red, a deep berry with subtle shimmer from L'Oreal's spring 2015 release, and topped that with one coat of Gypsy Glitz on all but my index finger. Over this dark of a base, the shimmer in Gypsy Glitz really came out; I didn't really care for that look, though maybe I would have if I'd picked a dark neutral that the silver would blend better with.

The rainbows sure did pop over the dark base in direct light, though.

Overall, I think this collection is a solid group of spring basics with the fun topper for those of us who like a little more bling on our fingers.


  1. Oh nice!!! I love that Gypsy Glitter. That is a stunning view from a nice warm inside area!

  2. I love that winter photo - love snow, just as long it's not here where I love hahaha
    Lovely soft colors, and those holo bar glitters really have a great effect, but like you, I'm no fan of bar glitters as such...

  3. Great items Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  4. I'm not usually a fan of bar glitters but I don't mind this one since the bar glitters are shorter :) I've been really likely L'Oréal polishes lately too! The cremes here are beautiful! Those 4 look really good as a skittle mani too!

  5. Great view from your polish room!

  6. omg All that snow!! O_O I really like Gypsy Glitz. Looks like it applied nicely for a bar glitter.

  7. Wow, so much snow. Beautiful polishes!


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