Wednesday, April 13, 2016

JINsoon Tout Ensemble Set

It's been a long while (meaning about three weeks) since I bought any new polish; fortunately I have plenty of old polish to swatch, including the Tout Ensemble set from JINsoon, which is a limited edition I bought from Sephora last year around winter holiday season. It's still on their site now, and it's even on sale for $44.50, marked down from $56, which is a value considering JINsoon individual polishes run $18. This set's box has a cover that folds open to reveal four bottles (two glitters, two base colors); my box got a bit crunched in the move, but the bottles came through fine. Left to right: Motif, Chamonix, Bijou, and Georgette.

The square cap on the bottles pulls off to reveal a short round ribbed cap.

I started with the lightest color in the set, Georgette, which the back of the box describes as a "light crepe finish". I used two coats of this winter white, which turned out to be a textured creme. Crepe fabric is textured so calling this crepe is not wrong, just unnecessarily fancy as far as I'm concerned.

I decided to top Georgette with the black and white glitter, Motif. The white squares in it blended into the winter white base color, but the black squares popped, obviously. I got good glitter payoff with only one coat of Motif and didn't need a separate topcoat as it lay flat on its own.

The other base color in the set is Chamonix, a black with a "leatherette finish" according to the box. Two coats gave me a textured creme finish. I didn't see any real difference between this finish and Georgette's, so apparently "crepe" and "leatherette" are the same thing. If pressed to find a distinction, I might say Chamonix has slightly more bumps per nail, but if that's true, it's probably just a normal variation in application.

Speaking of application, the brush on these is on the wide side, with a slightly flared end that's squared off, which I felt made it harder than it needed to be to match the curve at the base of my nails. Would probably work great for folks whose nails are wider and less curved there, though.

I topped Chamonix with the remaining polish from the set, Bijou, a glitter topper with gold and white squares. Like Motif, I used one coat and it was smooth and shiny without additional top coat.

Overall, this set has an elegant with an edge look to it; the colors are classic but the textures, literal and visual, are not. I don't get why both glitters have white in them, as that seems to make neither a good partner for the off white Georgette, but maybe white on off white is just part of the edginess they're going for. The textured polish is behind the trend, and gets lost when topped with glitter, but it's definitely more interesting than plain cremes. The formula on these seems good, with decent coverage and good leveling.


  1. Beautiful textures and glitters! :)

  2. Any idea how I can change how your blog shows up on my screen? The bright colored background shows through the text and photos, so I can't see the colors of your great swatches.

    1. Sorry, I'm not experiencing that on any of my devices so not sure what to tell you. What browser/device are you having trouble on? Are you looking at the mobile site?

    2. Do other readers have this problem? The text page is semi-transparent so that the bright lights of the background show through and distort the colors. I just read this on my computer using Chrome.

  3. Wowww....What a beautiful polishes! Love your swatches a lot! ^_^


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