Thursday, June 23, 2016

Officially Summer Now Displays

Look at me with another batch of displays only a couple weeks after my previous display post. Yay for actually following through on my intention to not let so many pictures build up between these posts.

Let's get started with a Bonita display from Rite Aid, Candy Fix. Left to right: Leaf Me Alone, Silly-ahhh, Candy Fix, Agent Orange (just no; I know Vietnam was a long time ago but still), Do the Toosie Roll (yeah, it says Toosie on the display; trademark issue maybe?), 5 Second Rule.

I really should have had the latest Fresh Paints and Funky Fingers colors in my last display post that covered the things I saw when I traveled to Michigan and back, but they got lost in the shuffle when I put them up in the Five Below Facebook group I'm in while I was still on my trip. Given how 5B works, I'm sure these colors are still around now, so the delay is not so bad.

There were three new Fresh Paints, and apparently I was so overwhelmed to be back in the land of Five Below that I didn't turn all the bottles label side out. Left to right: Splash of Cran, Sandy Toes, Anchors Away.

I found four new Funky Fingers colors. Not sure what the collection is called as there was no signage (no big surprise there), but the names are beach/sea themed: Beach Please, Salty Kisses, Set Sails, Aloha Beaches.

There are also four new solar Funky Fingers, which were at least conveniently put in bins next to each other unlike the previous two groups. Left to right: Punkrock Pink, Burning Melon, Free Spirit, Vibe with Me.

Fred Meyer had a patriotic Look Proud display from Look Nail Color. Shades here are Crimson, White, Royal Blue, Silver, Nail Canvas (this is a white primer basecoat), and Gel-Like Topcoat. This also has the same nail art kit as in the summer brights display I shared last time.

My eyes perked up when I saw a L'Oreal The Art of Bronzing display at Rite Aid, thinking there might be new polishes, but no, just two core colors: Because You're Worth It and Walk on the Beach. Ah well, the bronzers appear to be limited edition, so that should make someone happy. (Are bronzer blogs a thing?)

I was very happy to see the L'Oreal Super Graphic Pops display at Walgreens; no core colors here. Left to right: Go Nude, Lemon Jolt, Oh So Orange, Pink Shock, Blue My Mind, Cosmic Cobalt, Fuchsia Flame.

I think I've mentioned before that now that I'm living in small town Idaho, my nail polish shopping all gets done in the closest "big" city about an hour away; that's where the Walgreens and Rite Aid and Ulta and Fred Meyer and Sally Beauty and NW Beauty are. I do go to the local drugstore for other things now and then, which is how I came across this rare specimen: a Mavala seasonal display, Chili & Spice. Left to right: Trinidad, Jaipur, Bamako, Bali, Cuzco, Samarkand. They're all cremes, but nice bright colors.

I'd been waiting for my Ulta to get the OPI Retro Summer collection, but the first place I saw the display was NW Beauty. Top: SPF XXX, Flip Flops & Crop Tops. Middle: I'm Getting a Tang-erine, Towel Me About It, Sailing & Nailing. Bottom: What's the Double Scoop.

Both Fred Meyer and Walgreens had a Sally Hansen display with two new products in the "big" line: Big Primer Base Coat and Big Cuticle Oil.

At Rite Aid, I saw a display with new colors of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, the Royal Splendor collection. Shades here (which I had to rearrange to match the order printed on the display because of course I did): Frill Seeker, Plush Blush, Regal Rose, Mauve-olous, Off With Her Red, Can't Beet Royalty, and Prince Char-mint. (And the top coat, of course.)

At one solitary Walgreens, I saw a mysterious SinfulColors display called Amp Up to Bold. It didn't seem to have any new colors in it but some of these maybe haven't been around for a while. I didn't find the line up especially bold, so thought maybe this store just filled with random colors, but it was full and neat so maybe not. I don't see anything about it on the SinfulColors site or anywhere else. Puzzling. Colors here: Mint2BCool, Tempest, Folly, Vacation Time, Cherry Blossom, 24/7 (non-neon version), Snow Me White, Black on Black.

I thought I'd seen all the SinfulColors Kylie there was to see, but no, Ulta had a little case with six of the shades in it that wasn't there the last time I visited the store. Colors included: Kashmere, Karma, Kurtsey, Silhouette, Kommotion, I Klove U.

Rite Aid had a Summer Brights Passion Pinks display, most of which seemed rather more demure than what my brain conjures up when I think of passionate colors. The interesting thing was these had shade names, which is the first time I recall seeing them on bottles in a display like this. Clockwise from front left: Hot Pink (more of a coral pink in my eyes), Petal Pink, Carnation (okay, sure), Passion Pink (hotter than Hot Pink), Bubble Gum (nope, too orange for that name), Flamingo (I'm on board with this one).

I was surprised to see a new Wet 'n' Wild display at Rite Aid, since the summer one had shown up not so long ago, but there it was Pop! Back to School. Back to School? In June? I don't even know any more. This has four Megalast Candy Gloss Nail Tints: Floral Support, A Case of Blue, One Grape or Another, Edie in Pink. These say "Boom!" on the caps, not "Pop!", so I don't know about that, either.

Those are all the store displays I have to share this time. I'm sort of making my own displays in my studio now as I'm unpacking and sorting all my polish from the move. Here's a peek:

It's a big job, so who knows when I'll finish. I'd get it done sooner if it were all I did, of course, but that's not going to happen. There's too much else to do, like hike on the mountain and look for more nail polish displays. And swatch. I really do need to do more swatching. Good thing I'm retired now so I can try to fit all this in!


  1. Every time I see these awesome display posts, I think I need to make an effort to check out the Five Below that's an hour away from me. One of these days I swear I really will do it! XD

  2. Ahh I love your shelves for nail polish!!

  3. *oof* So many pretties! @_@

  4. I love these posts!
    Love that that Mavala display, great colors!

  5. First off I just discovered you today and what an awesome blog! Secondly I found your blog because I purchased a solar polish from 5 below that has a bottom label that says it is "VIBE WITH ME" but it's a purple color that changes to dark purple in the sun. Or well the cap says it should but it doesn't for me. Its actually a purple very similar to the purple used on the links on this page. Do you think someone's switched labels or something? All in all wonderful blog and thank you for posting such awesome photos!

  6. Ohhh your own display looks so fun!! Can't wait to see it completed!

  7. This post is so much fun..I enjoyed reading it and I like ur collection too :)


  8. I love your display posts, even though it makes me so jealous that we don't get all those brands in the UK!


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