Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Recent NOTD: SinfulShine Illusion

I took a break from fakes to do a proper manicure with treatment, base coat, color, and topcoat. The color was SinfulShine Illusion, a blue metallic I picked up at Meijer a while back.

This had good coverage and behaved nicely, leaving no brushstrokes once it settled. I believe I used two coats of color, though my notes leave something to be desired on that point.

Here's the full lineup I used: Sally Hansen Age Correct Growth (part of the stash I amassed when it was being discontinued), Salon Sciences Instant Artificials (which I stashed when Sally Beauty put it on clearance), the color, Diamond Dry top coat.

I got pretty decent wear out of this manicure, almost a week with just a few touchups for tipwear (the metallic finish helped the touched up areas blend in nicely). Then I popped on some fake nails again, but that's for a different post.


  1. Oh this is nice! I love the colour and finish :-)

  2. ACK!! That is so gorgeous! It reminds me of Blue Midnight from that Pure Ice matte suede collection. Except a bit shinier.


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