Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wheel N9: Glitters from Essence

Even though there are still plenty of pink cremes waiting to go on wheels, I had to take a break from all that plainness and grabbed some glitter polishes from Essence. Most of these I picked up thanks to swapping back in the day, though a few I bought myself; I think at least a couple were from my trips to Minsk for work. I haven't seen any fun LE Essence collections at Fred Meyer or Ulta here in the States in ages; there are makeup displays, yes, but no polish in the recent ones. That's too bad, because they've done some great polishes for reasonable prices; some of the ones on this wheel are very rich-looking indeed.

(all have clear topcoat in addition to coats noted below)

1. Essence Colour & Go Space Queen (2 coats over black)
2. Essence Colour & Go Time for Romance (3)
3. Essence Colour & Go Blue Addicted (3)
4. Essence Colour & Go Glisten Up (3) [probably should have layered this over black]
5. Essence Colour & Go Kiss Me Freddy (2)
6. Essence Colour & Go Here's My Number (3)
7. Essence Effect Holo Jewels Bejeweled (2)
8. Essence Effect Glitter Jewels Glitz & Glam (3)
9. Essence Effect Twinkling Bling Bling Never Stop Dancing (3)
10. Essence Effect Electric Feathers Gold Fingers (3)
11. Essence Effect Glitter Jewels Party in a Bottle (3)
12. Essence Effect Polka Dots Laser Show (2)
13. Essence Effect Glitter Jewels Party Cracker (3)
14. Essence Nail Art Twins Troy (3)
15. Essence Nail Art Twins Edward (3)
16. Essence Nail Art Twins Blair (3)
17. Essence Nail Art Special Effect Circus Confetti (3)
18. Essence Nail Art Special Effect It's Purplicious (3) [my only quibble with this is it's not purplicious enough; I'd replace the pink squares with deep purple, but I'm a purple fiend]
19. Essence Superheroes Galaxy Flakes The Awesome (2)
20. Essence Multi Dimension Party Time (2 over black)

Bottles 1 through 6:

7 through 13:

14 through 20:


  1. That is some flashy wheel! ;) I thought you already had Essence and Catrice in a store near you! I'll try and pick up a few nice LEs for you this year (if I find them. They seem to be a bit lost lately in their LEs collections).

  2. I love glitter! And Essence has made some great and cheap glitter polishes over the years. We've finally got Essence here, and I'm thrilled :D

  3. So many beautiful glitters! :)


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