Monday, May 22, 2017

SinfulColors Stoned Crystal Shimmers, The Rest of the Story

Somehow in all the commotion of the last several weeks, I overlooked that I'd never posted the swatches I did of the rest of the SinfulColors Stoned Crystal Shimmer shades soon after I found the full collection. I put up swatches of the first four I bought way back in March. Today I've got the remaining five shades, which took their sweet time showing up in my stores. Left to right: Better Sedona-ed, Super Cooper, Clay Me, Gotta Terra Cotta, and Namaste the Night.

And a group shot of the whole crew, from which we learn that my lightbox is not wide enough for nine Sinful bottles:

Better Sedona-ed is a very light blue with the same silvery/pearly flakes as all of the polishes in this collection.

It took three coats of Better Sedona-ed for full coverage. I get a winter vibe from this one; I can see wearing it for the base of some snowflake stamping next ski season (though up here on the mountain it still snows in May, so I could have done that winter mani last week and been perfectly in sync with the weather).

The elusive Super Cooper is a sage green. This was a two coater.

Gotta Terra Cotta is a strange name for a dusty purpley pink polish; terra cotta in my mind is orange-y, not pink or purple. This was also opaque in two coats.

You may recall there is another purpley pink polish in this collection, Desert Reign, which was in my first set of swatches. Of course I had to compare them on the nail. Left to right (two coats of each): Gotta Terra Cotta, Desert Reign, Gotta Terra Cotta, Desert Reign. These are definitely not the same; Desert Reign is more purple and a touch lighter, while Gotta Terra Cotta is more dusty and warm toned. They're close enough, though, that I wonder why they included both in the same collection. Why not a brown? These were in a Desert Divas display and there's lots of brown in the desert.

Clay Me is a slightly dusty orange (which looks more like terra cotta to me than Gotta Terra Cotta). My swatch is two coats.

Namaste the Night is a dark warm-leaning purple, which of course I like very much. Another two-coater.

The formula on all of these was good. I did have two wonky brushes in the bunch (Clay Me and Namaste the Night) which made application a bit tricky for those colors; I really should learn to consistently check brushes but I've had relatively few issues over the years so I haven't gotten into the habit.

I wanted to play with these a bit more, so I did a few versions of what I'm calling a "canyons mani" ... it's sort of like the clouds mani that I first saw Nailside do (one version I did is the grey and black one in this post) but rougher, like the walls of a desert canyon. I suppose I could also call this "too lazy to do a proper gradient", but I prefer to focus on the positive and creative explanation. The three looks below do all have topcoat on them for leveling purposes.

The most canyon-y looking one was this combination of Just Deserts, Clay Me, and Gotta Terra Cotta.

Thera-pewter, Desert Reign, and Namaste the Night combine for a canyon at twilight look.

The last combination felt the most spring-like to me: Better Sedona-ed, Super Cooper, and Tealing Power.

I'm happy I got this whole collection. They remind me of Smitten Polish Berrydrops from way back in the day (long before they rebranded as Dreamland Lacquer), which I loved.


  1. What a lovely looking collection. I love the finish!!

  2. Super Cooper is the colour I prefer! So interesting.
    Have a good week starting my dear :*

  3. Great post!

    You have a nice blog!

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know on my blog with a comment! ;oD

    Have a great day!

    xoxo Jacqueline

  4. Those are gorgeous. I love all three canyon manis you came up with! I am going to do that and stamp some cacti over it. You gave me such a great idea. I love all three color combos.


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