Monday, May 15, 2017

Chipping Away at the NOTD Backlog

I'm happy to report that while Mr. Karen and I were off in Florida getting high doses of sunshine, heat, and Disney, our internet at home started behaving again as far as upload speed (we still need to reboot the modem about once a day, but that's our normal), so I can blog from the comfort of home, which means I am currently attired in bedroom slippers, leggings with screwdrivers printed on them, a tee shirt from 1996, and a hoodie—not exactly going out clothes. I'm sad to report that my nails are tore up; I think going from cold weather to hot and back to cold just was too much for them, and I had to nubbinize a couple days after we got back. So instead of trying to swatch and subject them to more abuse, I'm giving my nails a break and going to share some mani pics I took this past winter but never posted. They're all nail polish strips, because that's pretty much all I've been wearing for months due to them fitting nicely into my schedule during ski season. Most times, I'd put them on after dinner while watching tv with Mr. K, relaxing after a day on the slopes.

First up is Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Bling It On. I bought several boxes of these strips when they went on clearance, as this rosy pink glitter is understated yet sparkly, appropriate to wear in most any situation but still interesting to look at. Here's a shot in the very warm light of my dining room just after I put them on:

And here's the same strips in natural daylight filtered through a window some days later:

I did a pedi (not pictured) with Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Peppermint Twist, a red and white candy stripe, and used the leftovers as accent nails for a mani with Salon Effects in Snow Bunny, a red on white pattern that reminds me of the designs on old fashioned ski sweaters.

A few days later, I got that mani into my lightbox in the studio; there's some wear showing, but it still looks festive.

Next up was a set of Incoco Nail Polish Applique strips in Falling Flurries, with pearly white snowflakes and snowdrifts against an icy blue background.

Continuing the seasonal theme, I moved on to Sally Hansen Salon Effects Winter Funderland, whose box decor tantalizes with silver, blue, and holo glitter on a black background. The actual strips were noticeably devoid of holo glitter, but the effect of silver and blue scattered on black was still nice.

At that point, I veered away from my seasonal theme and went for color, in the form of Salon Effects Purr-fect Harmony, which has a rainbow animal print on silver.

Apparently I decided the light in my kitchen was best to show these off, yet failed to clear the counter behind me before snapping away.

And here's my awkward right hand, probably thinking to itself "no, what is she doing? this isn't our job, posing for pictures".

And that brings us up to the end of January, which seems like as good a stopping point as any for this post.


  1. How many pretty manicures dear Karen! A big hug ;)

  2. I love the last ones, they're super cute! :)

  3. I love the rainbow leopard.

  4. I really have to try these strips one day... they look quite handy :) My favorite is the first one, the pink bling.

  5. I'm happy to hear that your internet is ok again...It's nice to blog in your "home clothing" :-)
    These strips look nice, my favorites are the first ones|!


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