Friday, August 4, 2017

Funky Fingers Spring Trio

When I shared the Five Below novelty glitters, you saw a couple Funky Fingers shades used as base colors. Today I've got those two swatched on their own, along with their glittery sibling that I bought on the same trip this past May/June. Left to right: Moonstone, Mermazing, Pink Quartz.

Moonstone is a light blue shimmer. I thought I saw some shifty-ness in the bottle, so put a black creme base on my index finger for swatching purposes. One coat of Moonstone over the black led to quite noticeable green/pink shifting, which was sort of a surprise; I expected the pink but not the green, especially that strong. My other fingers have three coats of Moonstone alone. There are some brushstrokes showing, and a hint of visible nail line, giving this a 70s frost retro vibe. The brushstrokes were a lot less of an issue over the black base, so when I try this one again, I think I'll put a creme underneath.

Some pink shift is visible even on the nails without the dark base, which makes this shimmer more interesting.

Mermazing is a topper with matte pastel blue and pink glitter along with silver holo glitter in various shapes (bar, hex, square) and sizes in a clear base.

I put one coat of Mermazing (some dabbing was needed, but no fishing) over my Moonstone look, then added clear topcoat for extra smoothing, though the glitter was not especially bumpy before the topcoat.

Pink Quartz is a pale pink shimmer; I gave it the same black base on the index finger treatment as Moonstone. It also has a pink/green shift, but the purplish pink is dominant rather than the green. Three coats of Pink Quartz on my non-index digits added up to a more sheer look than Moonstone, but I liked it, felt sort of like a subtle French mani without having to do the work of prepping my tips with a separate polish.

I then added a coat of Mermazing plus topcoat. I like that this topper works equally well with both of the other shades it was released with.

I'm still not crazy about the Funky Fingers bottle shape, but I like that they keep putting out new colors and wish I had Five Below stores out where I live now. Good thing I'm going to visit the land of Five Below again soon. Speaking of which, I will probably take next week off from blogging, as Mr. K and I are hosting family and then I will be on the road for a few days. Of course, there's a chance I may get some unexpected downtime and decide to pop in for Nail Wheel Wednesday or something (yes, I missed this week, again due to lack of wheels being ready. I have stockpiled a few now so that's set.)


  1. I didn't think the polishes were a coherent collection when I saw the bottle shot, but Mermazing really connects all of them and I really like all three. My favorite, of course, has to be Moonstone. Who knew that pale blue would turn into a great duochrome over black? :)


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