Monday, July 31, 2017

Five Below Novelty Glitters

When I was back in Michigan earlier this summer, of course I bought the new polishes I saw at Five Below, including the two novelty glitters, Don't Worry Be Happy and Always Be a Unicorn. Back home, I finally made some time to swatch them.

Don't Worry Be Happy has light yellow smiley face glitter plus iridescent shifty translucent hex glitter plus matte light turquoise hex glitter in a clear base.

The better to show the glitter, I did a base of three fingers dark (black creme) and one finger light (Funky Fingers Moonstone, a pale sky blue shimmer), then added a coat of Don't Worry Be Happy. I did have to fish for the faces, but it wasn't too hard to get them up on the brush and onto my nails. I did add clear topcoat to smooth things out.

Always Be a Unicorn has white unicorn head glitter plus dusty rose metallic hex glitter and also a scattering of larger iridescent translucent hex glitter that looks gold at a lot of angles, all in a clear base.

I did the same dark and light base approach for this one, using Funky Fingers Pink Quartz, a pale pink shimmer, for my light. I had to really fish for the unicorn heads; found it worked best to pour some polish out onto a plastic plate and dab it on my nails, using a dotting tool to put the unicorn heads where I wanted them. Clear topcoat completed the look. The dusty rose glitter might look like it's curling; it's not, that just how it reflects light.

Both of these glitter toppers are fun additions to my stash. I'm sure some would say I'm too old for such things; I choose to ignore those kinds of people.


  1. Ahah!!! I fully agree with you!
    Btw are so funny these glittery toppers! Smuack ♡

  2. OH MY, so funny! But I do have a question: pointy (or not so pointy in the case of the smileys) edges sticking out, were there any? Plus, a person likes what a person likes... I will like Harry Potter until I die, even if that means 100 years old! :D

    1. I used a topcoat on the thicker side and that smoothed out the edges of the big glitters so they weren't a problem. On smaller or more curved nails than mine, it might not be the case, might have to be more deliberate with glitter placement and put them on the widest part of the nail.

  3. What a great and fun pair of toppers! :)

  4. Good on you for ignoring naysayers! They're just jealous that THEY don't have unicorn fingers. <3 (also, I'm 45, so I'm old enough to not give a fox)


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