Tuesday, May 22, 2018

SinfulColors Meets Funky Fingers

Of the ten new core shades SinfulColors introduced for 2018, I've (so far) bought three of them: Electric Sage, Coco Bae, and Forbitten Fruit.

Coco Bae is a pastel peach with subtle shimmer. My swatch is three coats; two might have been sufficient if I'd made them a touch thicker.

The shimmer which was invisible in the light box showed up in direct light:

Doesn't matter what the trends are, I still love glitter, so I couldn't let Coco Bae go unadorned. I pulled out Funky Fingers Unicorn Dust, which has pink shifty shimmer and small and large iridescent glitter in a sheer pale pink base.

I put one coat of Unicorn Dust on Coco Bae and added clear topcoat, though I didn't really need to as Unicorn Dust leveled nicely on its own. The combination was definitely low contrast; the shimmer and glitter made themselves known, but quietly. The neutral base brought out the pink and gold tones in the shimmer and glitter.

Forbitten Fruit is a dark periwinkle with subtle pink shimmer. I did one coat for my swatch. Yep, one.

As with Coco Bae, direct like coaxes out the shimmer in Forbitten Fruit:

Of course Forbitten Fruit got the Unicorn Dust treatment ... and I loved the combination of these two! The deeper base brought out so many colors in the shimmer of Unicorn Dust; I saw pink and blue and purple, with the glitter showing even more variety than that.

There's nothing subtle about the shimmer in Electric Sage; it's a dark green with dense golden green flecks. I did two coats of this one. It doesn't say "spring" or "summer" to me, but let us not be bound by seasonality: this is gorgeous.

In direct light, the shimmer really pops and the base looks even darker. Still gorgeous.

When I put Unicorn Dust on Electric Sage, the shimmer in it showed mostly its blue face, with some shift to purple and pink. It was a nice effect that reminded me somewhat of a galaxy mani.

I'm sure I have other toppers like Unicorn Dust but I'm not at all sorry I bought it. Electric Sage is my hands down favorite of these three SinfulColors. I'm keeping an eye out for Sucker Punch, a bright pink shimmer that's a Walgreens exclusive, but I don't know that it'll be able to knock Electric Sage out of my top spot. If you've got a favorite of the new 2018 Sinfuls, let me know in the comments.


  1. Lovely swatches esp the first two.

  2. I grabbed Forbidden Fruit. Here in NZ we're lucky to get any of the truly awesome stuff. I like it a lot, especially when the shimmer comes out of hiding.

    1. @Martinetta, you might be surprised at how difficult it is to find the good stuff here sometimes ... so many stores, such wonky distribution. :D Glad you were able to get one of these!

  3. What a beautiful swatches. I love love pastel peach under that glittery top coat. <3

  4. Unicorn Dust looks just amazing! ♥

  5. Oh I love all these combinations!
    Have a great evening Karen!


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