Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wheel M10: Mood Struck, Mostly

For this week's Nail Wheel Wednesday, I have some older mood polishes. Most of these are Blue Cross Mood Struck colors I got at Meijer back in 2010, when I named them based on the last digits of their UPC numbers. Those swatches are here. Some are from Rite Aid in 2011; those don't have unique UPCs. The last two are older than that even, so old I don't remember when or where I got them. Some of these no longer change; thermals are like that.

(3 coats of all; some were nearly two coaters)

1. Mood Struck lime to yellow [called Five]
2. Mood Struck light teal to blue
3. Mood Struck teal to dark teal [Six]
4. Mood Struck blue to dark blue [Eleven]
5. Mood Struck blue to purple
6. Mood Struck Purple to Light Pink [this one has a name; I think I got it at Forever 21 or some place like that]
7. Mood Struck purple to pink
8. Mood Struck purple to pink [Four; seems to be the same as the one above, which is almost the same as the one before that, just a bit darker]
9. Mood Struck neon purple to pink [Nine]
10. Mood Struck hot pink to pink [Seven]
11. Mood Struck pink to red [Three]
12. Mood Struck pink to light pink
13. Mood Struck pink to peach
14. Mood Struck light peach to light yellow [Fourteen]
15. Mood Struck peach to light peach [Eight]
16. Mood Struck purple to pink [Ten]
17. Mood Struck light purple to pink [Twelve]
18. Mood Struck lilac to pink [Thirteen]
19. Mood Struck Bi Polar
20. Toma Mood Changing Color Sky Blue to Silver

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:

Above dipped in hot water; only the first one still changes.

Hot water dip results:

Above three don't change in hot water anymore. If you don't see dip pics going forward, that means they didn't change for me.

Hot water dip:


  1. That light bulb nail polish bottle is super cute!

    1. @A Kane, it is fun, for sure! And unique in my collection. The metal cap on that and the oldest Mood Struck are interesting, too.

  2. Polishes and bottles both are very very unique and beautiful. Very rich collection...Like it a lot!<3


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