Monday, November 19, 2018

SinfulColors Jingle Jells Swatches

It's almost Thanksgiving, which means Christmas decorations are up all over the place, so I feel it's okay to share some Christmas polishes, in this case the SinfulColors Jingle Jells, a four piece collection of glitters: Candy Apple, Mint Candy, Candy Ginger, and Rock Candy.

Because these have stickers on the caps saying they're jelly toppers, I experimented with different bases under them, but just in case the stickers were misleading, I also did one finger without a base. First up, Candy Apple, which has small and medium red hexes and tiny gold glitter in a red jelly base. Top to bottom: two coats of Candy Apple alone (it was surprisingly opaque, though admittedly I did apply thick coats), one coat over SinfulColors Cross My Heart (warm red creme), one coat over SinfulColors No Text Red (cool red creme), one coat over SinfulColors Georgio (burgundy creme). I put topcoat on all my nails, though the glitter wasn't especially bumpy. I liked this best over the darker base, which really made the glitter stand out, though it was perfectly fine on its own and over the two reds.

Mint Candy has a green jelly base with green hexes and tiny gold glitter. Top to bottom: two coats of Mint Candy alone, one coat over SinfulColors Pistache (mint green creme), one coat over SinfulColors Hey You (lime green creme), one coat over SinfulColors Exotic Green (grass green creme). All nails have topcoat. Some of the hexes are a warm-leaning green, so can also look golden in some conditions. That made me think this looked as much like a St. Patrick's Day polish as a Christmas one, though alternate it with Candy Apple and it'd be Christmas no question.

Candy Ginger (not Candied Ginger, which I what I want to call it) has gold hexes and tiny gold glitter in a yellow jelly base. Top to bottom: two coats of Candy Ginger alone, one coat over SinfulColors Simply Silver (silver metallic), one coat over SinfulColors Hush Money (rose gold metallic), one coat over SinfulColors Pull Over (yellow creme). I was hoping the silver base would make it more kind to my skintone, but that didn't work; the yellow jelly is not to be tamed.

Rock Candy is the odd polish out in this collection as it does not have a tinted base, nor does it have the tiny gold glitter. It's got silver hexes and small iridescent blue microflakies in a clear base. I went ahead and used colored bases on all my nails for this one. Top to bottom, two coats of Rock Candy over: SinfulColors A-Crush (pale blue creme), SinfulColors Rave New World (sky blue shimmer), SinfulColors Endless Blue (royal blue creme), SinfulColors Into the Blue (dark blue creme). I added clear topcoat to all these combinations. The blue flakies showed best on the darker blues though they did add depth over the lighter ones as well.

I felt bad that I hadn't given Rock Candy a chance to shine on its own, so I did another handful of swatches with it. Top to bottom: three coats of Rock Candy alone (it isn't as sheer as I thought it would be), two coats over SinfulColors Simply Silver on remaining nails. I left the topcoat off in this case; you can see it's not especially bumpy. The blue flakies get lost in all that silver though they do spark here and there as the light catches them. If they'd put this in a blue base, it would have paired more nicely with the Candy Ginger's gold.

Finally, to show the base colors of the jellies, I swatched them over white. Left to right: Candy Ginger, Candy Apple, Mint Candy, Rock Candy. All one coat over the white, no topcoat.

This is a fun little collection for the holidays, and not just Christmas. Like I said above, Mint Candy will do nicely for St. Patrick's. Candy Apple will work for Valentine's, of course. I'm not sure what holiday is yellow ... Easter maybe? Combine Candy Ginger on some nails with Rock Candy layered over various pastels fo make an Easter candy look. There are a lot of possibilities with jellies like these, and of course I love my glitter regardless of trends.


  1. Mint candy and Candy Ginger are my favorite! <3

  2. I've been stalking my local Rite-Aids for these, but have yet to find them! I'm hoping they might show up closer to the holidays.

    1. Same! I finally found them at BigLots of all places :). Now just gotta find that darn illusive other SC holiday collection!


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