Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Quick Check-In

As usual, I meant to post more than I did in these last few weeks, but it just didn't happen. Why? Well, this time it was because I spent most of November at my mother-in-law's condo in Illinois, helping Mr. Karen clear it out to be sold now that she's moved to assisted living in Washington. I knew it would be a difficult process, but somehow I thought I'd have the time and energy to blog at least twice a week. Nope. Sorting through stuff and packing boxes and running to Home Depot to buy more boxes (and packing tape—we used sooo much tape) and arrranging for professional movers to come get the furniture and the mountain of boxes we were creating just sucked up my time and mental energy like whoa. Yet somehow, when it came time to pack up my own stuff to return home, I found I'd managed to amass a respectable haul of nail stuff, and I hadn't even gone out on black Friday. Conveniently, there was a Meijer and Sally Beauty and an Ulta near one Home Depot, and an Ulta and Sally and Five Below near the other one (which I had to go to when I bought up all the dish pack kits at the first one). I hope to swatch and write about at least some of this new stuff before too long, but that will have to wait, as after just a few days home, we are heading out again, this time to Washington to deliver the stuff we didn't trust the movers with and make sure the storage unit my sister in law rented is big enough to hold what the movers are bringing (it won't all fit into the assisted living apartment, but my mother-in-law insisted she wanted to sort through some things herself, so storage unit it is).

I posed this haul in the closet of the master bedroom, which I spent days clearing out, even though I'd packed up most of my mother-in-law's clothes on our first trip to get stuff from the condo after she moved out. Most of my father-in-law's wardrobe was still in there, nearly four years after he died (and six or seven or more after he wore most of the stuff), along with random containers of random stuff. Alas, no vintage nail polish to be found.


  1. Having had to do this type of thing several times in the last couple of years (with more in the future, sigh), you have my sympathy. It's hard to imagine just how long it takes and how must of a physical and mental toll it takes.

    Funny thing - when we were cleaning out my parents' house we did find a bunch of nail polish. But it wasn't particularly vintage, and because my mother had a different skin tone than I, they were pretty much all colors that look terrible on me. I kept a couple out of sentiment, but I hope the rest found their way to places where they'd be appreciated!

    1. @TropicalChrome, thanks for the understanding. :) I kept my mom's very small, very boring (sorry Mom!) nail polish stash for sentimental reasons, too.


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