Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Pretty Woman Designer Nails

On one of my trips back to the Midwest, I picked up some sets of the Pretty Woman Designer Nails at Five Below. The first set I tried were rose gold metallic. (No name shown on box for this design; code was PD1019.)

This set of fake nails includes both self-stick tabs and glue; I used the tabs. They're the same kind as came with the Ministry of Beauty fakes that were sold at Meijer for a hot minute in 2015. These tabs are super thin, which is good as it helps the fakes sit closer to the natural nail, but not super sticky, which is bad, because the nails are more likely to pop off sooner than with a thicker/stickier adhesive. The shape of these was much longer and pointier than what I've been wearing; I'd call it a skinny coffin shape or maybe a pointy ballerina. The curve of the nails fit my natural base curve pretty well, and the length meant they covered much better at the sides than most fakes I've been wearing.

These were very eye-catching and I got several compliments on them in the short time I wore them. The time was short because due to the extra length I wasn't acustomed to, I kept snagging them on things, and then due to the relatively weak adhesive, they kept popping off. It was annoying and felt awkward, so I took them off within a day. Next time I try a similar set, I think I'll use glue to avoid the popping off and maybe file them down a bit.

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