Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Wheel U11: Textured Shimmers

Today for Nail Wheel Wednesday, I have textured shimmers, mostly from the Julie G brand. Some of these have scattered glitter in them along with the shimmer. These are my favorite kind of textures because they can be worn on their own or with topcoat to bring out their depth visually when I don't want the texture. Solid textures just look weird to me when topcoated.

(all two coats)

1. Julie G Tangerine Dream
2. Julie G Sugar Rush
3. Julie G Hot Cinnamon
4. Julie G Textured Ho Ho Ho [I like that the holiday colors say textured on the front of the bottle; that's easier to spot and looks better than the stickers on the backside of handles of the earlier releases which say "for full effect do not use top coat"]
5. Julie G Crushed Candy
6. Orly FX Pink Pixel [as established in one of my texture comparison posts, this is essentially a dupe for Julie G Crushed Candy (or vice versa; I think the Orly came out first)]
7. Julie G Sugar Plum Fairy
8. Julie G Blueberry Fizz
9. Julie G Sleigh Ride
10. Julie G Mistletoe
11. Orly FX Aqua Pixel
12. Julie G Rock Candy [more Julie G/Orly dupe-y-ness with 11 & 12 here]
13. Orly Silver Pixel
14. Julie G Silver Bells [evidently by the time the holiday textures came out Julie G was done duping Orly]
15. Misslyn Velvet Diamond Elegance [it wasn't until I had this on the wheel that it occurred to me that perhaps "velvet diamond" finish wasn't meant to be textured; a bit of research has enlightened me that the brand describes this as having an "exciting contrast between a velvety matte effect and a sparkling glitter optic", nothing about texture at all; ooops]
16. Orly FX Plum Pixel
17. Orly FX Black Pixel [I'm sort of irked that this doesn't have scattered glitter like the other Pixel shades; I like consistency]
18. Icing Quick Sand Sand Castle
19. Orly FX Rose Pixel [and yep, looks like the Icing is a dupe for this one]
20. Julie G Gift of Gold

Bottles 1 through 6:

7 through 12:

13 through 17:

18 through 20:

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  1. Glittery textures... the finish that made sure I stayed a polish hoarder!
    I would love to have been able to get my hands on those Julie G's or Orly's... but alas, I have to be happy with my PixieDusts and my Liquid Sands :)


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