Saturday, May 4, 2013

Texture Comparisons

To wrap up Texture Week, I've got comparisons. Most of the polishes involved are ones I've already shared swatches of this week, but there are a few exceptions. For instance, to start, I wanted to show how the textures look next to non-textured ones in similar colors, which meant some polishes from before Texture Week had to be pulled in.

Left to right below—Zoya Solange (PixieDust Summer), Kerry (Irresistible), Destiny (PixieDust Summer), Amy (Irresistable). You can definitely see the contrast between the bumpy matte glitters and the smooth shiny shimmers.

Zoya London (PixieDust Spring), Milani Silver Dazzle (One Coat Glitter), and Zoya Dahlia (PixieDust Spring)—the Milani definitely has more bling to it:

Same as a above, but with Silver Dazzle topped with Sinful Colors matte topcoat—this brings the Milani closer to the two matte glitters but it's still more reflective and less bumpy:

Zoya Miranda (PixieDust Summer), Nicole by OPI My Cherry Amour (Gumdrops), Zoya Destiny (PixieDust Summer), OPI Jinx (Bond Girls)—Miranda and My Cherry Amour are both berry hues but the NOPI is darker; Destiny and Jinx are very close to each other with Jinx having a bit more gold in its glitter mix:

Same as above, but with topcoat on all, which highlights the differences in the glitters:

Top to bottom below—Orly Aqua Pixel (MegaPixel), OPI Tiffany Case (Bond Girls), Orly, OPI—the Orly is more silvery and reflective as well as a tiny step closer to green:

Zoya Dahlia (PixieDust Spring), Nicole by OPI A-nise Treat (Gumdrops), Zoya, Orly Black Pearl (MegaPixel)—the Orly is ever so slightly less matte, but I certainly don't think anyone needs all three of these:

Zoya Stevie (PixieDust Summer), Nicole by OPI I Lilac Gumdrops (Gumdrops), Zoya, Nicole by OPI—these look more different in real life than the photo is showing; the Zoya is darker and more warmer toned while the Nicole is more silvery:

By the time the Julie Gs showed up, my enthusiasm was flagging, so I've just got nail wheel comparisons of those.

Julie G Crushed Candy (Frosted Gum Drops) on the left, Orly Pink Pixel (MegaPixel) on the right—definitely don't need both of these (yet I have them):

Julie G Tangerine Dream and Zoya Beatrix—the Julie G is just an eensy bit more yellow:

Julie G Sugar Rush and Zoya Destiny—the Julie G is a little more golden:

Julie G Sugar Rush and OPI Jinx—again, the Julie G is a bit more orange/golden:

Julie G Hot Cinnamon between Zoya Miranda and Zoya Destiny; no dupes, but a nice range for three-fifths of an ombre mani:

Julie G Blueberry Fizz and Rock Candy on either side of OPI Tiffany Case; again, not dupes but the start of an ombre:

Jule G Blueberry Fizz and Nicole by OPI Blue-berry Sweet on You—if you like blue, you need both:

So that does it for Texture Week: seven days, seven posts, 42 polishes swatched, plus these comparisons. This probably won't be the last you see of texture here on this blog, but I can't imagine there will be this much in this short a time ever again.

Some of the polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes, as disclosed in the entries linked above. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider.


  1. fantastic post - i appreciate comparison posts SO very much!! this was very thorough and well-done. will be sharing this one with friends. thanks for the time this took to put together :)

  2. Thank you for this and texture week! It's very helpful to see which colours are close and to be able to go with cheaper options. I wonder if this trend will hang around for a while or quickly fade away.

  3. This is totally saving me money!! Thanks for doing all this work!

  4. Will you do a post on which brand you liked best? Were there some that were more textured than others? Some that were easier to apply and/or remove than others etc? Any idea of which brands wore longer?

    1. Norma, a wrap up post like that would have been a good idea--wish I'd thought of it. :) My favorites were the Zoyas and the warmer colors of the Julie G, as those have a finer "grain" to them which mean they felt less bumpy on the nail. They were also easier to apply--tied with the creme-style textures--as they don't have the larger glitters to worry about getting distributed on the nail. My least favorite were the Milani, due to their long dry time and lack of versatility--with the glittery ones, you can always topcoat for a different look. I didn't notice any big differences in removal among the different brands; I used the foil method because I think it's easier on my nails than scrubbing.
      I've only worn a couple textured polishes as full manis so far, so I don't have much data about that. A Zoya PixieDust was the one I wore the longest; that wore just as well as a normal polish.

  5. Thank you so much for doing these !!
    I kinda hate that I already have a couple that are so similar - but this will keep me from buying more !

  6. Oh yeah - also thanks for throwing the Milani into the mix. I've been side-eyeing mine thinking they should most certainly be able to pass for "textured".

  7. These haven't been out THAT long, I'm surprised there are already so many near-dupes.

  8. Thank you for this comparison! I thought I needed every black/grey textured glittery gritty polish, but I dont, yay :)

  9. Cool comparison, the best one I've seen so far with textured polishes! :D Well done :D

  10. love comparisons you do, with so many polishes it's not a problem i guess ;)
    you just remembered me that i have milani silver dazzle somewhere in my stash :*

  11. Great comparisons! I really enjoyed seeing all the textured polish posts. I'm going to have to refer back here when I end up getting a textured polish :D

  12. thanks for the great comparisons! super useful, judging from the swatches, i think i would really enjoy most of the zoya pixidust collection!

  13. Thanks, ladies! I love doing comps, so it's good to hear you like seeing them. :)

  14. I love blue and I really need Jule G Blueberry Fizz and Nicole by OPI Blue-berry Sweet on You :-)

  15. Thank you so much for this! It's exactly what I was looking for :o)


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