Friday, August 9, 2019

Two Sets of imPRESS Shorties

My proclivity for fake nails continues unabated as of now. They're just so darn easy. Today I've got two different sets of imPress nails that I grabbed when I saw them on clearance. Both of them were short length.

The first set was beige solid, the perfect thing for not drawing attention to my hands, which is sometimes what I'm after. I didn't see a name on these, just the number 65042.

Here are the plain nails with an anything but plain cocktail ring my mother-in-law inherited from one of her sisters (I was helping her organize her dresser):

I wore these for 10 days; the only issue was a couple of dings in the softer material near the base, which happens sometimes when I'm using my hands for manual labor like unpacking boxes (I am starting to think I will never get through all the boxes I have in my life).

The second set I did find a name on: Glitz & Glamour. These were very light transluscent peach with blue and purple glitter tips. I should have filed down my nails a bit before I put these on, as I had trouble getting good coverage with the fakes. For my middle finger, I had to choose one wider than ideal to get length, and even then, there was a gap at the base.

Length issues aside, I did appreciate how the C-curve was a pretty good fit for me.

I was happy with both of these, especially since I got them for around $3 a set. I always check the clearance sections at drugstores (when I can find them—sometimes Rite Aid moves theirs around on me).

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