Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Nails of Recent Days on the Road

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know I've been off on another trip. Mr. K and I spent a little over two weeks making a big loop from our home in Idaho, driving down to Utah, Arizona, and California before returning this past Sunday night.

I put on a set of nails from imPress the night before we left. I used a design I'd worn before called So Unexpected, which pairs matte dusty rose nails with accents in a silver and rose geometric design. I had these on when we took in the amazing scenery of Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon.

This is Bryce:

This is the Grand Canyon:

These are my nails at the Grand Canyon:

A week into the trip, I'd had only one nail come off (twice ... I think that means I abuse that finger more than the other), which I easily reattached with a thick treatment basecoat. My nails had clearly grown in that week as evidenced by the gap at my base, but given the subdued color of them, it wasn't too obvious.

Rather than file my nails down and put on another set of the same length, I went with a Kiss Glam Fantasy set in a longer length and more rounded shape for the next part of the trip. I didn't see a name on the box; the nails are shiny solid white with two accent types: iridescent white and iridescent tiny glitter.

These were the nails I was wearing while we were at Disneyland Resort; I didn't get any photos of them there even though I took lots of pictures there, including this one of the teacups at the end of one day:

I've had these on ten days now and they're still looking pretty decent, though the iridencense has mostly worn of of those acccents. I've had to reattach three of them along the way, which wasn't surprising since I've previously found the Kiss adhesive tabs don't work quite as well for me as the imPress.

This shape doesn't cover my natural nails as well as the more squared ones but it still does a good job of protecting my natural tips. I'm not sure why I don't have as big a gap at my base with these after over a week as I did with the imPress set. I suspect I was able to place them closer to the base to start with since they were longer; it could also be that the adhesive on these is more flexible so the nails can move more and somehow self-adjust.


  1. Great photos, looks gorgeous. Nice nails too. Never tried fake nails - so many lovely sets though :-)

    1. @Anaka, thank you. There was a time when I avoided fake nails but they're just so easy and fun.


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