Monday, September 23, 2019

Semi-Recent NOTD Looks: Short and Simple

When my natural nails are in a phase where they need to be cut down to shorties, I bust out the shorter fakes that I can't wear otherwise (unless I want what looks to me like a huge canyon at the base, which I do not). Today I've got several sets I wore in one of those stretches, all from imPRESS.

The So Unexpected set had matte finish dusty rose nails with shiny silver and rose accents.

After my nails had grown out a tiny bit, I paired the accent nails from So Unexpected with solid dusty peach nails from the One Shine Day set. They didn't quite match but were neutral enough that it didn't matter; the neutral shade also helped not draw attention to the larger gap resulting from my natural nails being a tad longer and needing to place the fakes a touch farther down to cover my tips. (The accent nails from the One Shine Day set are still waiting to be used. I have a vision of sorting all the leftover nails from these sets by size and doing Skittles looks.)

Later I put on a set called Firefly. This came with periwinkle-leaning blue matte nails, pink/blue/lilac diagonal gradient accents, and silver glitter accents.

I used only the blue and gradient nails for my look, which meant using sizes that weren't always the best fit to get the colors I wanted on the nails I wanted them on. That happens sometimes with these mixed sets.

When working with this last set, I noticed something I hadn't before ... the size numbers for the nails were on the peel off tab to uncover the adhesive. Those were so much easier to read than the raised numbers on the underside of the nail tip. I don't know if this is a new feature or something that's been there all along but didn't pop out at me until I happened to be working against a black background.

The weather here is fall now, racing ahead toward winter (there's snow in the forecast for the weekend). That should mean I'll be home and inside more now that the busy summer travel and family visiting and huckleberry picking season is done. I do have swatches and nail wheels and more nails of the day photos ready; I just need to make my butt sit at the laptop long enough to turn them into blog posts and not get distracted by looking at social media. That shouldn't be hard but somehow it often is.

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