Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Wheel B16: Glitters from Butter London

This episode of Nail Wheel Wednesday is all about Butter London glitters. I don't remember the last time I bought a BL polish. They were always sort of out of the way at Ulta, and I guess I stopped looking after a long while of not seeing anything new. Most of these were unopened; that strip of tape along the side of each bottle keeping the removable cap on made that very clear. What a shame I didn't wear more of these. I mean, I still can, but given how few liquid polish manis I do these days, not sure when that might happen. Several of these bottles were involved in the great box crash back when I lived in Michigan; I started cleaning them but the lettering was coming off the glass and black color was coming off the caps, so I stopped. The polish inside is still fine.

(all have clear topcoat over glitter coats noted below)
1. Butter London Frilly Knickers (2 coats over half black base)
2. Butter London Stardust (1 over half black base)
3. Butter London Fairy Cake (1 over half black base)
4. Butter London Lucy in the Sky (2)
5. Butter London Dust-Up (3)
6. Butter London Bit Faker (2)
7. Butter London Lushington (1 over half black base)
8. Butter London Stratford Honey (2 over half black base)
9. Butter London The 444 (2)
10. Butter London Brass Goggles (2)
11. Butter London Gob Smacked (3)
12. Allure & Butter London Disco Nap (2)
13. Butter London Titchy (2) [pretty sure we've got some bleeding glitter here]
14. Butter London Inky Six (2)
15. Butter London Scallywag (2)
16. Butter London Swinger (3)
17. Butter London Indigo Punk (3)
18. Butter London Shambolic (3)
19. Butter London Lovely Jubbly (3)
20. Butter London + Pantone Living Coral (2) [peel-off glitter]

Bottles 1 through 3:


4 through 6:


7 through 9:


10 through 12:


13 through 16:


17 through 20 (yeah, I got that little one backwards in the first pic):








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