Thursday, March 3, 2011

Warning: Pre-Blog Nail Photos

This entry will be my last for several days as I am heading off to be with a tribe of my internet friends for what's become an annual gathering (though not everyone makes it every year). We have lots of fun and food and drink and change our outfits at least once a day, if not more. The last time I went, I changed my nail polish every day, too. Today I am taking a deep breath and sharing pictures of those looks, even though they make me cringe a bit now. My cuticle care, polish application, and clean up skills have come a long way since then, I think.

I arrived wearing Sally Hansen Beyond Perfect in Almond Essence, which I had worn to work all week. This survived going bowling with other early arrivals pretty much intact.

For the next day, I put on a taupe ombre. Thumb to pinky, I used: Maybelline Express Finish Touch of Taupe, Sally Hansen New Lengths Sandstone Creme, Rimmel Steel Grey, OPI You Don't Know Jacques, and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Leather Creme.

Then I switched to OPI Jade is the New Black with OPI Mad as a Hatter layered over that on my ring fingers as an accent.

Finally, I put on Borghese La Strada Rose, which I then wore to work the following week.

This year, I'm definitely packing my clean up brush!


  1. I love prenail blog pictures :).

  2. Early, pre-blog pictures are always fun to see! I hope you have a great time :)

  3. heheheh i like the preblog pictures and the first colour is gorgeus:)

  4. Have fun!! I love the taupe ombre (when I watch my early blog pictures I wonder how I could live without the refining brush ^_^)

  5. Excellent! Hope you have a FABULOUS time. :)

  6. Have a lovely time! I love the pre-nail blog pictures, I hope in a years time my application will be closer to how perfect yours looks now :)

  7. I actually think your photos/ nails are awesome if they are preblog. my nails looks worse than yours right now..i'm recovering from intense hand washing + extreme cold weather =(


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