Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DVD vs. Confetti

Back when I swatched the new Jesse's Girl Confetti, Madeline and Andi thought it looked like Sally Hansen DVD, so I had to check it out. In their bottles, they sure do look alike.

On the nail, they stay pretty darn close, too. On two fingers, I used 3 coats by themselves, on the other fingers, I put two coats over Rimmel Black Satin.

Top to bottom: Confetti, DVD, Confetti over black, DVD over black.

Top to bottom: Confetti over black, DVD over black.

The most different I could get them to look was this:

Left to right: DVD, Confetti.

DVD is slightly more pigmented and possibly just a tiny bit more blue, but I don't think one needs to have both of these. I'll keep DVD since Sally and I go way back. If I were buying new, though, I'd be tempted by Jesse's Girl, since it's cheaper and like the new bottles they have.

Speaking of the bottles, in the old line, Jesse's Girl Confetti was a blue and fuchsia bar glitter; a kind swapper on MUA just sent me a bottle of it as an extra. Way to be confusing, Jesse's Girl.

Back to the new bottles, I noticed something the other day about the display, only because one of my Rite Aids had put it next to the Wet 'n' Wild FastDry display.

Same sunglasses, same lips: coincidence? I think not.


  1. I hate it when I buy color only to realize that the reason I liked it is because I had one just like it at home from a different brand, but it happens... At least we know what we like :)

  2. Wow. The swap you got looks amazing. Will we get to see that soon? Please?

  3. The display thing...I've seen pictures from different polish brands using the same one but different color schemes or something. I figured there was a common picture database nail companies use or something.

  4. Very close, but I'll keep my DVD :):) Great post and LOL at the side by side displays..hilarious!

  5. They looks really close,especially over black :)

  6. They really do look great over black! I've been hesitant to get many very dark and black polishes, but I might have to now!

  7. oh my gosh! They used the same picture!

    Those polish's are very close, they are beautiful on their own and over black.

  8. They are very close colour really good dupes :)

  9. Beautiful polishes, I love them over black.
    Lol at the display! I hope that model got paid twice for those pictures! :P


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