Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Few Displays

Here are some displays that have caught my eye in recent weeks. Studio M's Valentine-themed "Love-at-first-sight Color" display first showed up at my Meijer just after the first of the year.

I didn't do a complete compare and contrast with the core display down the aisle, but near as I can see, these are all old colors. Some of them have new names for this display, but some of them don't. Tru Passion and Sex Symbol fit in to the theme with their regular names; Purple Medallion doesn't seem to yet they kept its name for this. I'm pretty sure the clear is not usually called Clearly in Love. Though I'm not keen on the renaming, I'm glad they recycled colors because that means there's nothing in the display I need to buy. If I like it, I already have; if I don't, a new sexy name doesn't make it more appealing. (Well, okay, if they put MY name on it, that might sway me. Karen's Juicy Purple; I'd buy that.)

Also spotted at Meijer (and later Ulta), the Nicole by OPI Justin Bieber One Less Lonely Girl collection.

I wasn't going to buy any of these because a) the bottle is not my favorite, what with its lopsidedness and b) I am old enough to be Justin Bieber's mother (I try not to let my age restrict me but in this case it just felt a bit creepy to be ogling the display). You probably already know what happened: I bought some. First just the purple glitter, One Less Lonely Glitter, because a) purple and b) glitter. Next I got Me + Blue because a) glitter and b) scattered holo. Then Ulta put them on sale, and I got Step 2 the Beat of My Heart (glitter plus heart glitter) and My Lifesaver (because I must own every minty shade ever no matter if they give me lobster hands or not). I would not be at all surprised to find myself at a cash register with the purple and red shimmers sometime soon. I think I can probably resist the silver foil ... but that would complete the set once I have the purple and red so maybe not.

Last, I have something I don't recall ever seeing before: Revlon minis. Surely they must have put out minis before, but I don't have any.

There are two different sets in the display. One set is Cherries in the Snow, Winter Mist, and Pink Ice; the other set is Rock Star, Gold Coin, and Ruby. Most of these colors look very familiar, so I've been able to leave these mini cutes in the store so far.


  1. Love justin biebers nail polish collection :P

  2. Love your "I wasn't going to buy any" then "I bought some"!! :-D
    The Revlon minis seem interesting!

  3. The Studio M ones seem to be beautiful! =D

  4. I want that blue-green creme one too from the Justin Beiber Collection.
    Although I feel like if you don't think about it as a Justin Beiber Collection, and just think of it as a regular collection that just tries to capitalize off Justin Beiber's fame, it's easier to buy them and not feel so ashamed.
    I's not like he personally designed the colors, right?
    Did he?
    I wouldn't be surprised if he did, actually. -____-

  5. The Studio M is my favorite display here and of course its the one that is not available to me. :)

  6. Aaww, this is beautiful!!
    I love it!! ♥
    Bisous!! xx

    ...OH MY VOGUE

  7. The Studio M display looks lovely, so many pretty glitters :)
    I'm embarrassed to admit I like the Justin Bieber polishes, but they are really pretty!

  8. i hate walking by the justin beiber, i bought one and i feel like i'm a fourteen year old, not a 22 year old. Also, thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

  9. Oh my God!
    How to resist the many delights of colors?? =)
    I loved them all!
    Congratulations on purchases!

  10. Never saw Revlon minis but now I have to check ULTA for the Beiber ones. I just came from Walmart and refused to pay $7 (or was it $6.50?) for one bottle.

    I wish Studio M was offered here. At least I have ROSS, which carries Color Club.

  11. Ohh woahh Revlon minis? That sounds new to me! I really want to try that Revlon buffer as well.. I wonder if it works well!

    Did you get OMB! from the JB collection? It was one of favs from that collection and is much prettier on the nail than in the bottle (not that you need any more hehe)!

  12. What a shame here i don't have any of this collections even the revlon they don't update the colour often. The first stand and the nicole stand seems very glittery i like it :)

  13. Thanks, ladies!

    tasha, I did pick up OMB this past weekend; I'm interested to see how it compares to some of my other reds.

  14. I've only seen Revlon minis in Hong Kong, and they're so cute in the little bottles, but since they cost nearly as much as the big bottles, I gave them a pass.


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