Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine-y Giveaway Winners

This morning I used to choose the winners of the prizes in my Valentine-y Giveaway.

#1: OPI Pinks—Jette from Vettelicious Blogspot

#2: Shaped Glitters—Alice from Nails by Alice

#3: Ulta Spring Chic minis—shopgirlon from Portugal

#4: Studio M Glitters—insert_cliche_here from New Jersey

#5: Wet 'n' Wild FastDrys—Crazy for Polishes

#6: Elle's Spell and Cuticle Oil—Eboneezer McScrooge from New York

Thanks to everyone who entered! The most popular prize was the Studio M set; I'll try to include those in a future contest too so if you missed out this time you'll get another chance.


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