Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring Displays

It's not nearly spring here in my part of Michigan yet—not too long ago we had a couple days of warmer weather to tease us, then eight inches of snow in one afternoon to slap us back to reality. The cold and grey skies make all the spring displays that are showing up in stores an even more welcome sight.

Orly's spring collection is called Precious. There are six shades in it: Sapphire Silk, Gilded Coral, Fancy Fuchsia, Ancient Jade, Pure Porcelain, and Royal Velvet. I'm not convinced that the last one fits the season, but since it's purple, I'll overlook that. I saw this first at Ulta but have since spotted it at Sally Beauty.

I think Nicole by OPI Liquid Metal was actually a winter collection, but the soft foil finish shades fit in with a spring color palette, too. And the woman on the display is wearing a sleeveless dress, which sure doesn't happen in winter around here. Four shades in this one: Rich in Spirit (silvery blue), It Starts With Me (peachy rose), Miss Independent (cool-toned pink), The Next CEO (gold). I've seen these at Ulta and Meijer.

The Essence Fairytale display just showed up at my Ulta this week; I'm pretty sure this was a winter release in Europe. There are six nail polishes in the display: Fairy Berry (purple foil), Pixie Dust (light peach foil), Once Upon a Time (red flecked shimer), Humpty Dumpty (purpley grey foil), Tinka’s Dress (peach foil), and Welcome to Wonderland (lavender foil).

Ulta is also my main source for OPI. I didn't take any photos of the Katy Perry displays because the empty spots where Black Shatter should be just made me sad (thank goodness for swapping), but there's plenty of Texas to go around. Twelve colors in this one: Y'all Come Back Ya Hear? (orange jelly--sorry, "sorbet" is what OPI is calling these), Guy Meets Galveston (coral jelly), Big Hair ... Big Nails (pinkish red jelly), Too Hot Pink to Hold 'Em (hot pink jelly), Do You Think I'm Texy (berry pink jelly), Houston We Have a Purple (bright plum jelly), I Vant to Be A-Lone Star (ice blue shimmer), It's Totally Forth Worth It (greyish lavender shimmer), Austin-tatious Turquoise (turquoise blue shimmer), San Tan-tonio (warm tan creme), Don't Mess With OPI (green creme), and Suzi Loves Cowboys (deep brown creme).

Ulta also had the China Glaze Anchors Away collection. Twelve colors here, too: First Mate (blue creme), Starboard (green creme), Hey Sailor (red creme), Life Preserver (orange creme), Below Deck (purpley taupe creme, like Channelesque), Lighthouse (yellow flecked shimmer), Ahoy! (berry red flecked shimmer), White Cap (white with gold shimmer), Knotty (warm beige shimmer), Sunset Sail (peach shimmer), Pelican Gray (gray subtle shimmer), and Sea Spray (dusty blue subtle shimmer).

I expected Sally Beauty to get Anchors Away, too, but I read that they won't be stocking it. Instead, they had Treasures, which is six China Glaze re-promotes. I'm not 100% sure my store had the right six colors in the display; I suspect they filled in a few empty slots with leftovers from Vintage Vixen. I think it's supposed to have Atlantis, Pom Pom, Silver Lining, Blue Paradise, Dorothy Who?, and Ruby Pumps. Re-promotes aren't my favorite thing, but I do appreciate that they didn't re-name them to try and fool me into thinking they were new. I know not everyone picked them up these colors when they were first released, so this is a nice second chance for things like Atlantis.

Sally also had the China Glaze Crackle Glaze display. I was surprised to find this unmolested, as hot as this finish has been lately. There are six colors of crack: Black Mesh (black), Lightning Bolt (white), Broken Hearted (pink), Cracked Concrete (grey), Crushed Candy (teal green), and Fault Line (purple).

Finger Paints is exclusive to Sally Beauty, so you know where I saw this last spring display. Palette of Petals is five cremes and one shimmer, all with flower-inspired names: Heavenly Hydrangeas (purple), Chrysanthe-mum’s the Word (green), Aren’t You Glad-iolous? (periwinkle), Did You Ast-her Out? (warm pink), Carnation Creation (blue), Dahlia My Number (orange, the only shimmer among the cremes). Each bottle has huge ring on the cap; I'm not sure I'll ever wear one, but they sure do look fun decorating the display.

I'm trying to slow the expansion of my stash so am still pondering which colors to get from the Orly, Texas, and Finger Paints displays. I did buy some from Anchors Away, Liquid Metal, and Fairytale (and had most of Treasures already). Which ones look good to you?


  1. I might need Orly Sapphire Silk. I have China Glaze Atlantis(love), China Glaze Below Deck(love)& Ahoy(super love).

  2. Sallys getting the Crackle! the sales associate told me that they weren't getting it in so I purchased it online for more :( How much is it selling for?

  3. Nice. Of all things, I'm kinda of interested in that essence release. I agree that it came out in Europe in winter tho.

  4. The Finger Paints polishes look really pretty. I would love to get my hands on some crackle polishes. I'm probably the only one in the nail-o-sphere who has no crackle polish ! lol

  5. I haven't seen those Essence polishes here. Maybe in other European countries.

    Love these display pics!

  6. The Orly display makes me think all the colors are old lady colors for some reason.

  7. The china glaze treasures i don't have not even one colour. I would love to get atlantis and pompom :)

  8. I REALLY REALLY love your display posts! It is so nice to know what I am looking for in the stores thanks to you!

  9. wow! your Sally's is AWESOME! i just went to mine yesterday and they only had the Treasures collec bummer~

  10. Just looking at all those displays make me drool! Must be so amazing to go into stores and pick 'em out instead of having to refer to ebay all the time :)

    I'm def. getting Sapphire Silk and Ancient Jade from Orly, and I hope to get all the ChG crackles too.

  11. YOu take the best spy shots ever! :)


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