Monday, July 18, 2011

Orly Happy Go Lucky Collection

Orly Happy Go Lucky could be renamed Hard to Photograph, at least as far as my camera is concerned. Something about their intensity confused my little Canon, which struggles with purple and teal/turquoise anyway so half the collection was trouble from the get go. I took lots of pictures with different settings, so my skintone may appear to vary between photos due to my attempts to get the polish colors to show true to life.

Left to right: Flirty, Frolic, Frisky, Fresh.

Flirty is a bright pink shimmer, the only non-creme in the bunch. I've lifted my no buy for pinks and reds and am just trying to be reasonable (you can probably guess how well that's working). I thought it was reasonable to not leave this one at the store when I was already getting the other three. I really liked this one; it's almost neon, so nice and bold yet the shimmer keeps it from being too harsh for me.

Frolic is a bright, warm purple. I've seen photos of this looking quite a lot more blue-toned than it was for me, which I think points to how hard it is to photograph rather than there being different versions.

Frisky is turquoise. As with Frolic, I've seen a wide range of pictures for this one, some where it looks really green and some where it looks really blue. Why must you vex us so, Happy Go Lucky?

Fresh is bright lime. This one gave me the least trouble as far as photography.

I used two coats of Frolic and three coats of Flirty, Frisky, and Fresh, though they probably could have been two if I'd been paying closer attention to getting the coats even. None of these have top coat.

These colors seem like they'd be easy to match, but I didn't find it to be so. After spending way more time than I had the patience for holding my fingers next to various nail wheels looking for dupes, I decided to just do comparisons with polishes in the same family that you might already have so you can see how these Orlys differ from those shades. I didn't even worry about pulling similar finishes, since sometimes base colors tell you a lot even if it is a creme versus shimmer situation.

For Flirty, I grabbed Orly Fancy Fuchsia (the bright pink from the spring 2011 collection) and Sally Hansen HD Digital.

Left to right: Fancy Fuchsia, Flirty, Digital.

Top to bottom: Digital (3 coats), Flirty (3), Fancy Fuchsia (2).

Fancy Fuchsia looked so bright to me when it was released, but it's no match for Flirty.

I had the hardest time finding friends for Frolic, which really surprised me because purple is my favorite color and thus I have so very many variations of it. Color Club Ultra Violet was the closest I could find, and it's a shimmer, so that speaks well for Frolic's uniqueness.

Top to bottom: Ultra Violet (3 coats), Frolic (2).

Kayla Shevonne and Rebecca had trouble finding matches for Frolic, too, which makes me feel better.

For Audrey has become the go to comparison polish for anything in the light teal/turquoise area, so I pulled that one for Frisky. I also got out Gumdrop, from Orly's spring 2010 offering, figuring if you were considering buying Orly now, there was a good chance you'd bought it in the past.

Left to right: Gumdrop, Frisky, For Audrey.

Top to bottom: For Audrey (3 coats), Frisky (3), Gumdrop (3), Frisky (still 3).

For Fresh, I found Essence Check Me Out and Orly Mint Mojito. I know mint and lime are different, but as mints go, Mint Mojito is pretty vibrant, so I went with it.

Left to right: Check Me Out, Fresh, Mint Mojito.

Top to bottom: Check Me Out (3 coats), Fresh (3), Mint Mojito (3).

Check Me Out is the closest I came to finding a dupe for anything in Happy Go Lucky; in less revealing light, it could pass for Fresh, but it's not a twin because Fresh is brighter.

Overall, this collection turned out to be much more interesting than I first thought it would be. Flirty may be my new favorite pink. It's a pity they couldn't find a name that started with "fr" for it like the other three, though the best I could come up with was Frivolous, and that doesn't have such a positive connotation. Frolic is my second pick of these frou; any purple I don't already have is worth buying, I think. Frisky and Fresh are fun, too, so I don't regret getting them, either.


  1. pretty, I'm jealous. These shades aren't unique, but they always look so cute. I love purple especially x

  2. I really like these. I'm not sure if I would buy all of them, but I like seeing them on other people!

  3. I saw this collection recently and I seriously thought of buying Frisky. But I thought it was too close to Gumdrop. I'll probably try to get Fresh.

    Thanks so much for your comparisons. They are truly helpful. :)

  4. I've been waiting to see a swatch comparison of Fancy Fuchsia and Flirty! You are thhe first to do it...of course, I still bought both even when I was thinking they were similar.

  5. I passed these babies up a couple times despite really liking Fresh. I thought they were nice but nothing spectacular and after your pictures I might have to go back.

  6. I ended up really liking this collection. I didn't want to buy them when I first saw them, but the swatches look SO much different than in the bottle.

  7. Frisky, so pretty! I think this collection is a lot prettier than I expected. Loving the colors.

  8. I thought these were perfect summer colour-I didn't think they were that unique but didn't have anything 100% the same in my stash, so I'm glad I picked them up!

  9. I love this collection! It looks so summery and sweet =]
    The comparisons are great! Looks like they'rs not too many dupes for these colours...

  10. I like the orly blue and pink. Not unique colours but still pretty:)

  11. Wow all the polishes from this collection are freaking beautiful .

  12. all those colors are YUM!
    absolutly amazing swatches! perfect!

    <3 BB

  13. Over all those are all pretty and unique colors! Im glad you compared Fancy Fuchsia and Flirty I have been wanting to see those two compared since I have seen this collection come out! Thanks for sharing!(:

  14. I LOVE THEM Them all! I have Fresh and it's an awesome color!

  15. These are all super pretty and fun! Can't decide which to get!

  16. I really like frisky and frolic, but fresh just doesn't do it for me. the ultra violet and frolic comparison is pretty cool., but knowing me I'd need them both

  17. thanks for the comparisons karen! i love all the colors :D

  18. Wow, this is such a nice post, thank you for the comparisons, I'm actually looking for our newest Orly Happy Go Lucky collection, you're site is so helpful :)

  19. I didn't care that much about this collection until I saw your swatches...Flirty is really awesome!


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