Friday, July 8, 2011

In Stores Recently

I've been holding my latest batch of display photos hoping to get a couple more that for things I know are coming soon, but now I've decided that not waiting for them might somehow make them turn up (this is the same sort of philosophy behind the idea that when you stop looking for a boyfriend, you'll meet someone special¬ that I've been on the market in a while; maybe now you have to look because they're all hiding behind their computers and smartphones and video game controllers).

First up today is Maybelline, with a display that doesn't seem to have a name; at first I thought it was "ColorSensational" but on further reivew, that appears to be the name of the lip color line. The photos on it all feature the lip stuff, too. It feels like a fall display to me, but it's a bit early for that, and usually Maybelline's seasonal displays have more variety in them, so not sure what's up with this. There are four polishes here, left to right: Beige Glacé (nice of them to not call this "nude"), Taupeward, Autumn Leaves, On the Rum. Based on the bottles, Autumn Leaves looked the most interesting; its shimmer looked gold and red. I saw this first at Bed, Bath & Beyond; it popped up a bit later at my Ulta.

Bed, Bath & Beyond had some double-ended bottles from Sula, with Paint & Peel Color on one end and Lasting Love top coat on the other. A few of the colors look interesting but I don't want to peel my nail polish off so I don't plan to try these. Colors are: Kelly, Blush, Tango, Bubble Gum, Berry, Watermelon, Ruby, Modern Mauve (note: not mauve), Azure, and Dove.

At Ulta, I spotted a sign that the crack trend is waning: a huge display of OPI Shatter which was mostly full instead of being cleaned out as soon as it got restocked. Might have been better for OPI to release Gold Shatter sooner, especially since other brands have got it out already, but maybe by the time Muppets comes out people will be ready for some new crack.

Ulta also had Orly Happy Go Lucky, which I reached for as if they were candy. Such bright and yummy and yes, happy, colors: Fresh (green), Flirty (pink), Frisky (turquoise), and Frolic (purple).

One of the displays I've been waiting for is OPI Nice Stems, because I want the glitter, I Lily Love You. So far all that's shown up at my Ulta are the mini sets, which are in a cute package but not what I want. When I saw them, I asked a sales associate if they had the big bottles, thinking maybe I'd just missed them since sometimes the new colors get put in different places around the store, but she said she didn't think they'd be getting them. I am pretty sure that's not the case but time will tell.

The other display I've been waiting for is the Milani High Speed Fast Dry, so I've been stalking CVS, which is where I spotted a new display with the some of the existing glitters. The polishes are tucked behind a forest of hair mascara (there's probably a better name for that but I'm so not a hair person and don't know these things).

Finally, Sinful has a new display with mostly not new colors, but all of them come with coordinating beaded rings, so that's a nice bonus if your fingers aren't especially skinny (the rings are stretchy, but once the beads are all nestled up tight to each other, the circle doesn't get any smaller).

Colors above, left to right: Envy (previously seen in the Lone Star display), Oh La La (new?), Why Not (from Polka Dots), Verbena (from Adventure Island), Savage (also from Polka Dots, taking up two slots here), Unicorn (Polka Dots again), and Beverly Hills (new?). The missing color, which should be in one of the slots where Savage sits, is Pink Forever (yet another from Polka Dots). I spotted that at a different store, stuck in the neons endcap; I knew it belonged to Beverly Hills because it was wearing a matching ring.


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  1. Love the display photos!! It's always one of my favourite posts of yours!!

  2. Awwww, as usual, these posts make me so envious of you living in US! :)
    Maybelline seem to be pretty, and Sinful Colors, too! :)
    Now I'm still in summer mood, so the "back to school/work" shades are sooo faaaar from me ^^

  3. The new Orlys are so pretty. I like the packaging of OPI Nice Stems and the new Sinful colors. Display pictures rule:)

  4. oohh i really want some of that orly. gah. where you live the displays are full and nice. mine cvs has only old polishes.. yuck. I think they finally are restocking them though. they keep polish there forever. i always see the same polishes there not moved..rimmel/milani etc.yyuck

  5. Cool displays! I like those sinful rings... but they'd never fit me =(

  6. Yay displays! I love that you keep track of all of this.

  7. LOL I totally bought Autumn Leaves and definitely thought it was a little early for fall colors.

    I can pick you up an I Lily Love sure is pretty and I would hate for you to miss out....I have seen it at 3 stores in my area.

  8. I've already hit up Happy Go Lucky and OPI Stems... I'm still waiting for the previous Sinful display! You are so lucky.

  9. Haven't seen these new Maybellines. I will be on the lookout for them.

    Thanks for sharing these displays :)

  10. i love orly and sinful colors collections, they seem appropriate for this time of year :-D

  11. I wish we have all that in Puerto Rico

  12. sinful colours I would love if they would be available here:)
    I am starting to get a bit bored of the crackle pattern(sorry for the people that love it) so it would be great if they came out with a different pattern.

  13. Look at all those shatters !

  14. thanks so much(:

    those maybelline nudes look amazing

    <3 BB

  15. I got 2 of the new Maybelline polishes. One of them is similar to Chanel Quartz...i think. Did you notice that? or am I making it up? I also think I will pick up Beverly Hills from Sinful Colors.

  16. I'm missing all this?! Waaaah! I might have to ask my BF to get me some of those Sinful!

  17. Ooooh I love the Sinful Colors ones with the flowers. Such lovely colours and so cute too. And the new Orly collection is to die for <3

  18. Thanks, everyone!

    Melissa Birch, thanks for the offer--I'm sure I'll come across I Lily Love You before too long, I'm just impatient. :)


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