Friday, November 18, 2011

A Couple of Announcements

Apothica, which came on as a sponsor of this blog earlier this year, is offering a 20% friends and family discount on most brands through midnight Mountain Standard Time on Wednesday, November 23rd, if you use the coupon code FRIEND20 at checkout.

I used this code to get some pretties from Paul & Joe and Deborah Lippmann. Some SpaRituals were tempting me, too, but I managed to check out before they jumped in my cart.

In other news, I made a Google+ page for this blog; if you'd like to follow there, click here:

Frazzle and Aniploish on

Since Google+ came on the scene (and Facebook continues to mess with their format in ways that annoy me), I've been spending less time on Facebook, but if you'd like to see a FB page for this blog, let me know in the comments. If there seems to be interest, I'll finally publish the FB page I made ages ago and never did anything with.


  1. I just followed you on google+ :-)

    I left facebook a couple years ago because they annoyed me too much too, so I'm glad to be able to show support through google+.

  2. I haven't gotten on Google + yet, though I do spend less time on facebook lately, I've noticed. Probably a good thing ;)

  3. I have Facebook rage. It is alot like road rage only it is brought on by facebook and people feeling the need to tell me when they shower and such. I don't go there often lol.

    I don't know Google+ yet. I will need to check that out.

  4. Nice thanks.. I have an Aphotica Gift card I havent used yet, might use it now to get the discount :)

  5. I left FB a year ago but I was wondering if I had to ignore my "hate" feelings for it to create a page for my blog. Maybe I better do it on G+!


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