Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In Stores Now

Time for another display round up; now that Halloween is over, the winter displays are taking center stage. There's a lot of new stuff out there, so settle in for a spell!

First though I have something that's not a display but which I spotted next to one: a public service announcement about using thinner from OPI, which I saw at Ulta. I hope muggles who'd otherwise ruin their polishes by adding remover will heed this advice.

At a CVS I don't normally visit I finally saw confirmation that Confetti Tiara is being discontinued, along with several other colors in the line. I don't care about the others, but Tiara going away is a real loss, since it makes a great base for frankens (though it does yellow with age, as you can see in this last bottle standing—though I haven't had that affect any of my frankens yet).

I forget where I saw the four-color edition of the Essie Cocktail Bling display—probably Rite Aid but it might have been Walgreens. Colors in this one are Bobbing for Baubles, Size Matters, Cocktail Bling, and School of Hard Rocks. I feel like I must have seen the full six-color display, which has the four shown plus Brooch the Subject (pinky tan creme) and Jingle Jangle (lilac creme), but I don't seem to have a photo of it so perhaps I'm confusing reality with the internet again. (This display I do have a photo of has a mirrored surface behind the Essie name, which I didn't notice until I was editing photos and saw my festive Disneyland shirt there.)

I definitely saw this next one at Rite Aid: Hedy's Ma.nish.ma. (how's that for an annoying brand name?) "holographic" nail color. The quotation marks around holographic are mine; these are not holographic by any reasonable person's definition. Duochrome, maybe, but NOT HOLOGRAPHIC. Just because Essence did the same thing doesn't make it okay. Four colors here (left to right below): Way Out Fuscia (their spelling), Blaster, Space Silver (this one might have a scattering of holo glitter, but not enough to redeem the collection), and Beyond Opal. (The polishes in this particular display are not lined up behind the correct names printed on the display, but I was in a rush and did not re-arrange them.)

The rotten luck I had finding Wet 'n' Wild's On the Prowl before Halloween turned around when it came to the Walgreens exclusive Color Icon Ice Baby collection. One store had two nearly untouched displays of these glitters when I stopped by (they did not stay that way after I got to them, though I didn't buy them out completely—I do have some small measure of self-control.) Shades in this one are: Rockin Rubies, 24 Carats, Give Me a Price Quote, Cost is No Issue, Believe Me It's Real, Back Alley Deals, All In the Cut, and Diamond in the Rough.

While I was at Walgreens, I also saw the Sinful Christmas display, called Wish. No new colors here: Out of This World, Daddy's Girl, Last Chance, Sugar Sugar, Midnight Blue, and three nail art ones I didn't get the names of but I'm sure I've seen before.

Speaking of Sinful, one of my Rite Aids had a new core display for them, with the nail art polishes along the top. Since this store previously carried only about half the number of polishes and no nail art colors, I was happy to see this.

That same store had Wet 'n' Wild Little Luxuries gift boxes with nine mini Color Icon colors in them. I couldn't tell if any of these were new shades, but some are quite pretty. I've read that this is going on sale Thanksgiving weekend but even at the regular $4.99 price it's not a bad deal for all that variety.

My CVS stores have been pretty much a polish wasteland for a while, but they have put out a few new things recently. I saw a big Revlon display that included the holiday polishes I'd previously spotted in the Spice It Up display at Bed Bath and Beyond.

I walked past this tall standalone Confetti display a few times because I thought it was just the core colors in a different configuration, but finally took a closer look and found some names I didn't recognize.

Tinsel has holo glitter in a clear base; I have other versions of this but it sure is pretty.

Other ones I hadn't seen before were Blue Glitz (not glitzy; a pale blue with a brighter blue shimmer that reminded me of Chanel Riva) and Rhapsody in Blue (a greenish blue shimmer that seemed like it might be foil-y). I also saw two other names I didn't recognize, but I fear these are re-promotes, which annoys me. The two bottles below are My Favorite Martian (core color) and Green with Envy (new to this display). Can you tell the difference? I can't. Ice Ice Baby (core) and Sprinkles on Top (new) were a similar pair.

Next to the tall Confetti display were this years nail polish pimp canes from Shades of the Season, which have ten polishes for $9.99. Last Christmas these had mostly boring cremes, but this year they look much more interesting. My store had two versions, one of which had some intriguing glitters. I skipped last year's but might pick one of these up.

Sally Hansen has some mini sets out for the season: HD Hi-Definition, Xtreme Wear, and Insta-Dri. I believe these are all core colors but the tiny bottles appeal to me anyway. So far I have resisted but who knows how long that will last.

I ventured into Sally Beauty for the first time in a while and was rewarded with the sight of all sorts of new pretties. There were two colors of Finger Paints Crackle Effec that I hadn't seen before: silver and red. (Of course I already have silver and red crack, so left these there).

Finger Paints holiday collection this year is called Merry & Bright and has seven colors: Comet's Collar (lime shimmer), Winter Sky (turquoise shimmer), Yule Be Merry (pinkish red shimmer), Frosty Night (silver glitter), Santa Kisses (red glitter), and Drummer Boy (turquoise shimmer).

Orly Holiday Soiree was there, too. Six shades: Androgynie (black with multi glitter), Au Champagne (white shimmer), Ingenue (purpley pink shimmer), Le Chateau (very dark greenish blue creme), Ma Cherie (red creme), and Oui (purple with gold shimmer).

And China Glaze Let it Snow, with Blue Year's Eve (blue shimmer), Champagne Bubbles (gold shimmer), Glittering Garland (green shimmer), Holly-Day (dark green creme), Icicle (silver foil), Poinsettia (orange-y red creme) Ring in the Red (red glitter), Snow Globe (pale multi glitter), Tinsel Town (charcoal glitter), Twinkle Lights (gold/red/green glitter), Velvet Bow (dark red creme), Winter Berry (red creme). Some of these were already gone by the time I got there (or were never there; with my Sally's one never knows). There were also a variety of China Glaze holiday gift packs; some of these had the new holiday colors in them and some had core colors.

I've never seen Color Club at Sally's before, but they had some this visit: Scent-uous Holiday, a bipolar collection of scented polishes with three traditional holiday colors and three over the top chunky glitters. There's Gingerbread Man (gold foil), Kiss Me Mistletoe (green shimmer), Santa's Cinnamon (red glitter), Orna-minted (silver bling-tastic glitter), Sugar Plum Yum (purple and green chunky glitter), and Very Merry Berry (blue and fuchsia chunky glitter).

I generally try to avoid Wal Mart, but there's one right by the Sally's and curiousity got the better of me this time. I spotted a mostly-empty display of Salon Perfect polishes—looks like I missed out on some cheap crack.

And then I saw the Nicole by OPI Kardashians. I am deeply conflicted about these. On the one hand, I am incredibly annoyed by people who are famous just for being famous (or making a sex tape or whatever it is these women do). On the other hand, glitters. It was embarrassing enough to buy Justin Bieber polish; I just don't know if I can bring myself to do Kardashians.

Let's wipe that nastiness out of our brains with the best part of the holiday polish season: snowmen! They showed up at Rite Aid before all the pumpkins were even all cleared out. I am going to have to study my existing snowman army befor I go all crazy collecting this year (though I already grabbed a red and green glitter that I knew I didn't have).

I know there's more to come this season; I haven't seen OPI Muppets or Essie Luxe Effects in person yet, for instance, and I've heard rumors of a Sally Hansen glitter collection, too.


  1. Yay, Nail News!!
    Those Kardashian colors are embarrassing to buy, but some are really pretty. I'm going to Target soon, and I know that if they are there, I won't be able to stop myself. *weeps*

    I'm so jealous that you have the Ice Baby Collection. I've been looking, but so far, nada.

    And I saw the SH glitters! They were pretty, but at almost $8 a pop in my store, I had to leave them there.

  2. I just LOVE your display posts! I am such a sucker for the displays and I have to look every time I'm at a store. You're too funny - I literally lol-ed when you said "looks like I missed out on some cheap crack"

    My mother-in-law was telling me about a gorgeous teal shade that her coworker was wearing and that it was from the Kardashian collection. She said it "looked like me" and she would have to get me one if she ever saw it. I'm exicted to see it but I hate that it's Kardashian! :(

  3. I love seeing your display posts!
    I don't know, somehow for me Bieber's worse that Kardashians. And those snowmen, just like pumpkins, are adorable!

  4. OMG!!! I didn't know if I had to laugh (about you being in a hurry and not rearranging polishes - I use to do that on poor vandalized Essence displays sometimes) or just say "ooooooh" seeeing all the pretty and not that expensive polishes you have. I will definitely go to the store in disguise and buy the Kardashians, if the polish are nice! Last but not least...The snowmen are really irresistible!!!

  5. Ooh, I still need to go out in search of the Wet n Wild holiday collex, and for the Kardashians. *sigh* I hate to say it, but I'm pretty sure I'll be contributing to their empire.

  6. These posts are so informative :-) Thanks!

  7. so many new colors! want them all.... I've already invested in a few snowmen myself hehe. I wish I could find a rite aid around here though! They seem to have such nice collections

  8. Those snowmen are soo cute! I've never seen anything cute like that around here =[

  9. I agree with Elizabethahsleyphoto, I really look forward to your display posts, It's great seeing whats about :-)

  10. i envy you.. those polishes are really cool!! here in our country those polishes are really pricey.. ~_~

  11. I love the snowman head bottles ^__^ so cute! A lot of news for one day :P But one thing startled me... Sinful Colors cost 1.99$ ???? 'Cause here we haven't got as much colours as you do and each polish costs 5.95€ (which is about 8$ or more)... I'm so disappointed with my country you have no idea :( But I'm happy for you :D

  12. I haven't been able to get into the stores lately. Thanks for posting the latest collections!

    Hmmm, I wonder if I can thin my Shatters with regular thinner.

  13. lol! "I hope muggles who'd otherwise ruin their polishes by adding remover will heed this advice." Haha, you're my favourite:)

    Thanks for all the display posts! Gotta keep an eye out for those Sally Hansen minis!

  14. Oh my goodness, so many new polishes! I understand the Kardashian embarrassment, I was conflicted about the Bieber polishes and I bought only one. Kardashians, however, I'd probably pass up on the principle (And the terrible bottle, price, etc)

    I guess there's a reason I own so few NOPIs.

  15. Always love these posts; its great to see what some of the display will look like when they make it to my area...however, sadly, not all them will make it here!

  16. I just love the went n wild Ice Baby collection!

  17. P.S. I am going to Rite Aid tomorrow to look for the snow man!

  18. Whoooa! I love these posts, they're better than strolling through my local drugstores :D I lol-ed when I got to the Kardashian part...honestly. Why are they every where???

    But I want the Wet n Wild stuff. And your Revlon photo has the Revlon lip butters on it!!! It seems like everyone is going crazy for those, but I haven't seen them in stores yet here.

  19. Thanks Karen I love these posts of yours it's a safe way to check out all displays which most I will never see, I had to secretly drive to the next city to find the wet and wild color icon polishes! But it was so worth it I practically jumped for joy when I spotted them lol.

  20. Kardashian nail polish! Unfortunately they are not available in Oz but if they would I would go have a look! I've seen some great swatches and NOTDs on the NB!

  21. This makes me SO want to live in the US, we don't have any of these brands in Holland :(

  22. Ooh, I'm glad you mentioned that your Sally doesn't usually have Color Club. I've been looking for Sugar Plum Yum but I haven't checked there because my Sally never has Color Club.

  23. Ooh, I like that you do these posts. Makes me want to get off my butt and see what I can find!

  24. Thanks, ladies!

    Enamel Girl, I use my Orly thinner in everything, so I'm sure you'd be fine using whatever thinner you have in your crack.


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