Friday, November 18, 2011

Dr.'s REMEDY Holiday Hues

As I teased yesterday, I received the Jolly & Joy holiday collection from Dr.'s REMEDY and wanted to get these swatches posted today before the special pricing of $14 on three of the colors expires.

(Image courtesy of Dr.'s Remedy.)

Because it's a holiday collection, I decided to do Christmas skittles with ESSENTIAL Emerald and REVIVE Ruby Red. Essential has very small silver shimmer particles in a true green base; I used three coats. Revive's shimmer is tone-on-tone, with red shimmer in a deeper red base; it's got a lot of depth to it even with just the two coats I used. When I was applying these, I was afraid they were going to be brushstroke-y, but they settled out pretty nicely.

I tried PASSION Purple with an accent nail of RESOLUTION Red Glitter. Both of these were three coats, and I added topcoat to the glitter to smooth it out. Passion is a plummy purple with a subtle shimmer (but not so subtle it disappears in normal light like some do). Resolution is a rosy pink, not what I would have pictured from the "red glitter" appended to its name.

I saved the best for last: SERENE Silver Glitter. Based on the press release, I wasn't especially excited about this one; I have plenty of silver glitter in my stash already. (I know, I know—what can't I say that about?) Once I had the bottle in my hands, though, I was intrigued. It's not just silver glitter; there are pops of frosty blue and bright pink in there as well.

I think we've all had polishes that look good in the bottle but which don't translate to the nail; this is not one of those. I liked it so much on my nails that I was making plans to order my own bottle before it dried, which wasn't very long as I only used two coats plus topcoat.

Here it is blurry; still pretty:

And here it is in low light, all sparkly:

Thanks to an onset of winter-like weather consisting of clouds and snow flurries, I was not able to get any sun shots of this one. I bet they would have been super sparkly, though. I can't think of another polish I have that's quite like this one.

As mentioned yesterday, SERENE Silver Glitter, RESOLUTION Red Glitter, and ESSENTIAL Emerald Green are on special for $14 a bottle through end of today on the Dr.'s REMEDY website or by calling 1-877-323-NAIL to order (if you're ordering over $50, the code HOLIDAY should work for free shipping; I couldn't get that part to work on the website.) Dr.'s Remedy is on Facebook and Twitter, too.


  1. Oh MAN those glitters are pretty!

  2. LOOOVE the last glitter! It's so gorgeous, really icy and pretty.

  3. I died with SERENE Silver Glitter. sooo nice!

  4. Okay, I am digging the Serene Silver Glitter!

  5. I agree that the silver is the best of the bunch!

  6. The green one is a perfect holiday green, very festive!

  7. wow, that serene is something *.*

  8. The glitters are gorgeous!! Sooo pretty especially the last one!:)

  9. If this brand was available here definitely I would try it.

  10. So pretty! I love both the glitters.


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